Skyline University Nigeria

Skyline University Nigeria Holds Cultural Day 2023

Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) holds its annual cultural day 2023. One fact about Skyline University Nigeria is that we are not the same. Every year, we keep changing the way our events are organized. This year, the cultural day was everything but boring.

Cultural day 2022 in Skyline University Nigeria isn’t like the way other schools do, why? Because we are unique and special in our own way. First students and staff came together to share food and performances from many of the ethnic groups which make up the SUN community.

The event started at noon with an opening with the National anthem, followed by a red-carpet performance including solo performances, duets, a cultural Parade, choreography, etc. The event was quite an adventure and a memorable experience for all the students. Fun fact, about this year’s Programme, students were allowed to come with their different cultural displays and be represented as a department by groups.

The radiantly dressed cultural groups put up an exemplary performance to the admiration of everyone. With their colourful beads, beautiful accessories, and trendy traditional attires, from various groups in the world.

They express themselves in dance, songs, and other activities associated with varied cultures in the country and the world over. Hours of practice were evident in the polished performances of the students representing diverse and distinct groups.

The students turned up in large numbers to enjoy the event. It was indeed an exceptional day to experience and enjoy the exciting display of cultural activities. The occasion was enjoyed by everyone and the images below indicated how many students had been involved with the various cultural groups.