Skyline University Nigeria

Skyline University Nigeria Receives Students of Nigerian Tulip International School, Kano on ‘Changing Gear’ & Campus Tour

Skyline University Nigeria has recently conducted a ‘Changing Gear’ seminar for the students of Nigerian Tulip International School, Kano. The seminar which was done on Saturday, 13th November 2021, was hosted by the University to prepare students for the technologically driven world and the untapped opportunities available in the university environment.

While making his presentation on the theme of the seminar, ‘University Education: A World of Opportunities’, Dr. Olumide Abraham Ajayi, the current Head of General Studies Department of the University, stated that the choice of choosing a university is a crucial decision that will have a lot of impact on the rest of the students’ life and shape the immediate future of the students by determining what skills they will develop and opportunities they can seize.

He enjoined the students to consider future ambition or future career, personal strength and weakness, a combination of subjects and performance in SSCE/UTME/Cambridge or other International Examination when choosing a university. He added further that course availability, quality of faculty, placement opportunities, good curriculum, standard infrastructure and university ranking, should be taken into cognizance in choosing a suitable university.

Using Skyline University Nigeria as a case study, Dr. Ajayi outlines what students can expect from the university. He mentioned academic activities, co-curricular activities (Sport, Music, Social activities), self-discovery (Talent, Leadership skills, Interpersonal skills, Public speaking skills, Self-confidence &character development), as well as industry connections as some of the expected outcomes of a good university.

The Vice-Chancellor of the University, Prof. Ajith Kumar V.V, making his remarks, encouraged the students to develop the spirit of entrepreneurs while they select a university of choice. He advised the students to join a university that will make a difference in their careers. The event was concluded with a tour of the university facilities by the visiting student.