Skyline University Nigeria

Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) Committed to Groundbreaking Impact in Education

When the vision is clear and the objectives are put in place, then the desirable impact would have a massive turn on the overall students’ development, including research, soft skills, public speaking, leadership and confidence. Skyline University Nigeria has come a long way since its establishment in 2018 and has continued to make groundbreaking impact in education, in terms of solving the challenges of unskilled graduates in the educational industry. What does it mean for the students of the University?

Because the workplace requires additional abilities and evidence of skills and expertise that ensures good employment prospects, SUN is committed to ensuring that every student in the University receives upskilling along with quality education to help them be industry-ready. Here are some of the areas the University is committed to making an impact.

1. Practical Application of Knowledge

2. Volunteer Activities

3. Students Club Activities & Competitions

4. Demonstrated Proficiency in Relevant Software

5. Evidence of leadership Prospects

Practical Application of Knowledge

If it was possible to learn swimming from the four walls of the University without actually being in the pool or taking a driving lesson from the classroom environment, Skyline University would consider the practical application of knowledge with less priority. While theoretical knowledge of skill-based subjects needs to be supported by practical, we believe that practical knowledge is more important than theoretical. Through experiments in laboratories, study tours, internships, projects, assignments and other platforms, Skyline University Nigeria is providing real-world experience and exposure to students. This is helping them to explore the additional skills that help students prepare for the challenges in the workplace.

Volunteer Activities

Another area where students’ experience and skills are being enhanced in the University is through volunteering activities. Perhaps you want to learn something new, gain certification, credentials and building skills, becoming a team player etc. It’s best, therefore, to choose a volunteering opportunity, based on skills, and future career goals. Volunteering helps improve

business performance and demonstrates the willingness and ability to step up and solve problems while demonstrating the personal qualities of being a responsible professional and citizen. 

Students Club activities and Competitions

In Skyline University Nigeria, the Students’ Organizations typically host countless clubs and societies that you can join and have a range of skills, personal qualities and experience, which will help to have fun and make oneself more employable. Getting involved in Students’ Clubs and Organizations activities shows you honour commitments, know how to prioritize and meet deadlines, can multi-task, have good networking and social skills, and care enough about the world around you. We encouraged students to craft these experiences on their CV to put them ahead of the game when the time comes to find a job.

Evidence of leadership in projects

Students’ leadership is nothing unusual but a must-have for anyone to succeed in the highly competitive work environment. It helps individuals to forge ahead in their careers and take responsibility for not only their actions but also those working in their team. A lot of these skills and attributes are developed on the SUN campus before graduation into the professional working environment. They provide a template for an individual or group to be accountable, responsible, and responsive to the common concerns in the university campus, an organization, or a community. Being responsible, gives you a sense of accountability for whom you lead, what you’re in charge of or what you want to become.  

Conclusively, SUN facilitates students learning to attain their personal goals and enables them to explore their innate talents and other key points like advising etc. In this regard, at SUN, Career counseling is given utmost importance because we believe in our student’s ability to demonstrate knowledge, skills and competencies in all walks of life. We believe in our students exhibiting lifelong skills that help them to be prepared for their professional and personal life. We also inculcate the student body to participate in various professional development Programmes organized by SUN at regular intervals. Enrolling in toastmasters is a must to equip them to develop their public speaking and presentation skills.