Skyline University Nigeria

Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) Holds 3rd Leadership E-Workshop For Management of Pre-varsity Schools

Skyline University Nigeria (SUN), in collaboration with her sister university, Skyline University, Sharjah, has organized its second e-workshop for management of private pre-varsity schools on Saturday, 11th July 2020. The workshop with the theme ‘Strategic leadership and using Machine Learning in the current situation’ was held online to promote digital transformation through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning amongst participants across secondary schools, including principals, Vice-Principals, Administrators and Head of Departments.

The workshop featured two trained expatriate professors from Skyline University Sharjah. i.e, Dr. Deepak Kalra, the Dean of School of Information Technology (IT) and Dr. Ajith Kumar V.V, the Dean of School of Business. While delivering his presentation, Dr. Deepak who spoke on the concept of leadership from management perspective stated that strategic leadership requires creativity and innovation as the major players to educational sustainability and impartation of knowledge. “Creativity is all about developing the idea and innovation is how the ideas are applied. Creativity can only be nurtured with positivity” he added.

Dr. Ajith, who described strategic leadership as having a good conversation with people in a team environment, agreed that one must have the intimacy, interaction and inclusion as a leader to help in a free flow of ideas between him/her and the team. He described communication as the most important tool in this global pandemic. “Because we don’t know how the future is going to be, we have to anticipate by being in touch with various stakeholders and how we can manage the various scenarios and update our knowledge base”, he stated.

Some of the highlights made by the facilitators/trainers at the 3rd leadership e-workshop were that, for a strategic plan to succeed, it must be rolled out in stages; Unless you have the right kind of people, you may not be able to have the desired result; Soft skills are important and you have to drive the change from the top; Make sure you are acting on data insight and keep in your mind to make ensure you succeed carefully; Digital transformation is about talent and as leaders, if we don’t invest in the people who make up our workforce, we may not be able to develop the right technology.

Earlier, while giving his opening remark, the Vice-Chancellor of Skyline University Nigeria, Professor Sudhakar Kota welcomed the presenters and participants to the Programmeme. He stated that the workshop is one of the important platforms used by the university to provide lifelong learning for students not only in the classrooms but also outside of the classrooms. He urged the participants to stay tuned and enjoy every bit of the presentation.

In his closing remark, Mr. Abubakar Sadeek Ismail, the Director of Operations of the university, appreciated the speakers and the participants and stated that today’s world has completely changed the way we see things, especially with the continuous use of machine learning in the current global pandemic. “I appreciate the Vice-chancellor for his support, the convener of the workshop, Ms. Sarada Maganti, the Director of Academic Support Services and everyone involved in the planning and execution of the workshop, he remarked.