Skyline University Nigeria

Students are our Biggest Stakeholders, Vice-Chancellor Exhorts Faculty, Staff

He made this exhortation recently during his presentation at the Pre-Semester Conference meeting for Academic Support Services. “Our students are our biggest stakeholders and academic orientation, teachings practices and out of class learning activities should get to improve the students’ momentum, particularly as it relates to students’ ideas, creative thoughts, innovation and entrepreneurship”.

Skyline University Nigeria places a very high premium on entrepreneurship and skill-based education. Therefore, faculty and staff are to be committed and guided by the worth of advanced knowledge in robotics, artificial intelligence amongst others in preparation for the impending Entrepreneurship day that is to be held in a few months away.

The Vice-Chancellor said that staff were to devote their energies to developing the students and improving their academic and non-academic competencies. “The entrepreneurship day will present students the opportunity to showcase their creativity and business skills including pitch (Business/entrepreneurship ideas delivered by startup founders to potential investors.)”, The Vice-Chancellor added.

Also speaking at the meeting, the registrar, Mr. Firoj Routa highlighted the steps that can be taken to bridge innovation in the students. He attributed the situation of students’ inability to comprehend the basic concepts of the university goals to their own interests and identify processes and procedures to achieve a solution, build a team around this process and implement strategies.

Also present at the workshop were the Director of Academic Support Service, Ms. Sarada Maganti, the Professor of Biology, Dr. Sanjoy Pal, the Professor of Chemistry, Dr. Susanta Pahari, the Professor of Mathematics, Dr. Anil Tanaja, Associate professor, Dr. Senthil Kumar, Associate professor of English, Dr. Azeez Sesan, Dr. Benjamin Nweneri, Dr. Ahmed Bello, senior and junior faculty as well as staff.