Skyline University Nigeria

Students’ Life at Skyline University Nigeria

There are many things assumed about students’ life and many of them are simply a myth. Several myths about students’ life seemed mind-blowing for pre-varsity hopefuls. While some believed that a University is a place where you get a lot of free time, attend parties at will, make a lot of friends to hang out with, etc. for others, given the level of study and social engagements, students are usually only involved in a triangular life. i.e, from the lecture rooms to the hostels and social gatherings (Religious and circular). 

Students’ life in Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) is the overall aspect of being a student; meaning that it goes beyond what students learned in the lecture halls to include getting a pleasurable academic, professional, personal experience and part of what is campus involvement. In fact, many of the university’s guiding principles are based on the importance of learning that occurs both in and outside lecture halls. Like many other international institutions of higher learning, students’ life in Skyline University Nigeria is involved more than students’ social engagement amid busy schedules.

It involved the opportunity to apply for not only internship jobs, but to go to summer camps, attend university music and cultural festivals, sports competitions, field trips/seminars, etc. For example, students can take a part-time job as a research assistant with Heads of departments and earn the experience to work with professors and other graduate students. Although these jobs can be time-consuming, it is well worth the investment because of the experience gained and the tendency to inspire and drive greatness.

In Skyline University Nigeria (SUN), there are varied supportive opportunities available that enhance the students’ life. These opportunities are designed to stimulate academic and professional growth as well as provide a vibrant and supportive platform that promotes and nurtures students learning, improves leadership skills, social responsibility, team building, etc.

Some of these activities are the students’ clubs and voluntary activities such as sports activities, community services, part-time activities, SIWES Programmemes, etc. which are focused on experiential learning and student involvement. They are also designed to help students to build connections and meaningful relationships and help them to find a sense of belonging, to get connected and try new things, embrace change and ultimately find new interests within the university campus.

The University has understood the student’s needs and given them a shape to foster career experience, thereby, helping them to assess a fully integrated field of experience across students’ curricular and social lives. Information gathered from students’ life at Skyline University Nigeria has inspired some answers about the meaningful involvement of students in the University. They include;

Students Organization & Clubs Activities

The students’ organization is a place to get involved in student-based intellectual and career-enhancing activities and training at Skyline University Nigeria. Involvement in students’ organizations is a great way to get connected to the campus, develop leadership skills, meet new people, and have great fun. It also helps the students to develop a range of skills, personal qualities, and experience, which will help them to have fun and make themselves more employable. 

Participation in the students’ club activities at SUN has over the years, encouraged good time management that enables students to organize and plan how to divide their time between specific activities. This has helped them to study smarter – not harder – so that they get more done in less time, even when time is tight and pressures are high. The student organization has varied clubs to help students connect. Here are some, that students have been actively involved in. They include Campus activities, Community development & Students Development, Programmeming, Orator, Software, Debate, etc. Recently, the Toastmaster, Music & Theatre as well as Arts & Photography, have become the latest additions to SUN Students’ Clubs.

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Sports Activities

Joining the campus sports activities has allowed students to engage in playing the sports they love while they undergo their studies at SUN. The University has been involved in varying kinds of sports for the students of the University. Recently, it organized an all-around female festival for students of the University to encourage female participation in sports by bringing out hidden talents and creativity, other inter-school competitions amongst others.


Examples of students’ sports activities include foosball, football, basketball, Table Tennis, Badminton, etc. Practice time, sports schedule, health checks, weight loss challenge, competitions, and other updates about the Sports Department are available at the university’s Sport’s Department. Registration of these sports activities can be done through the university’s Sports Department.

Volunteer Activities

Apart from the campus clubs and sports activities, there are other opportunities that are geared towards community development, such as Voluntary activities. Getting involved with volunteering services has been a great way for SUN students to acquire certain skills, experience, and a way to give back to society. It helps to improve students’ experience in various fields, as employers are more willing to employ graduates with working experiences. Students looking to learn something new, gain certification, credentials, build skills, become good team players, etc are encouraged to join the University’s volunteer activities.


Students’ Cultural Day

The student’s cultural day celebration was the most recent activity of the University. The event which fostered open-mindedness for other cultures while celebrating differences as well as common interests was a fitting celebration that displayed the student’s creativity and enthusiasm in a colorful style. It also allowed the students to celebrate their cultural identities diversely. In the spirit of the occasion, students shared cultural delicacies and performances from many of the ethnic groups in Nigeria. The event which was tagged “Unity in Diversity”, was put together to celebrate the Nigerian cultural heritage and promote multiculturalism in the University. It also involved students, and staff coming together to share food and performances from many of the ethnic groups which make up the SUN community.


Other – Out of Class Activities

Acquiring a degree is not the only aspect of a students’ life that is important. It is important to have fun too. At Skyline University Nigeria, going to the sports complex, recreational zones and partaking in social events, spending time with friends at the student’s clubs, etc are ways to enjoy students’ life as each week, there is always something different to do. Either in Orators club, the Programmemers club, the Arts and Photography club, the Toast Masters club, students club competition, academic excursion, workshops, seminars or sports competitions, etc. students are having an awesome time in the University.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that a student’s life that involved active participation in the aforementioned, may start as voluntary participation but in the end, it’s always worth it. Although the inspiration to fully participate in campus activities doesn’t usually come suddenly, students have to be in the right circumstances, visit the university, ask about students chances to join industrial affiliates Programmemes, build healthy networks that will provide access to the most popular Programmemes on campus that allows developing relationships with students and faculty.