Skyline University Nigeria

SUN Music & Dance Club Awards Finalist of the 2021 Students Talent Hunt Competition

Organizers of the ‘2021 Talent Hunt Competition’ have reportedly awarded students’ creativity and performance in poetry, music and dance, where five Finalists have emerged victorious. The competition which was organized by the University’s Student Service Department, in collaboration with the Music & Dance Club of the University, explored other aspects of creativity of the students who participated.

Students’ competitions are increasingly used to measure quality and social interactions amongst students in Skyline University Nigeria. The talent hunt competition which was held at the University’s campus promoted creativity amongst the students as well as provided the opportunity for them to cool off after a strict class schedule. It as well gave room for the students to socialize with friends in the events that interest them in the university.

Nihat Mustapha emerged first place in poetry, while Aisha Kabir came second. Falmata Moussa Waziri emerged first place in Singing, while Ramlat Umar Aba emerged second place. In the areas of dancing, Mohammad Ahmed Abubakar emerged first place while Marwan Aliyu came second. The finalists were assessed based on creativity, originality, composition, and excellence, and how well they were able to touch base with their audience.

Earlier, while commenting on the talent hunt competition, Dr. Olumide Ajayi, the Head of General Studies Department and Convener of the Music & Dance Club, stated that the objectives of the event were to produce the best students and to encourage other students to socialize better. “SUN is not concerned only with your academics. We are concerned about your extracurricular activities as well”. 

The award for the 2021 students talent hunt competition was presented by the University’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Ajith Kumar V.V, who appreciated the students’ participation as they turn up in large numbers. He stated that the University will be having many more such activities. He encouraged the students to be happy and enjoy their life and studies.


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