Skyline University Nigeria

SUN Students Initiates Iftar Amid Ramadan

In the essence of love, sacrifice, devotion, forgiveness and care, Students of Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) organized an Iftar on Tuesday, 4th May 2021. Iftar in Skyline University Nigeria is an annual event hosted by the University management to draw Muslims together during the month of Ramadan. This year’s Iftar was initiated, coordinated and sponsored by the students’ community, within the framework of the support of the Students Service Department (SSD).

The Iftar, was held in the University’s campus garden and also aimed to keep students connected amid Ramadan, the busy academic and social life in the university. It also encouraged students to incorporate charity into their daily lives, spend Iftar with friends and be motivated as well as reminded of the prophetic tradition of breaking bread with people during the holy month of Ramadan.

Students were encouraged to share meals with friends, and other members of the students’ community in a safe environment. As part of the Iftar, all food and drinks were provided by the collaborative efforts of the students. The menu plan includes fried rice, jollof rice, chicken and shredded beef sauce as the main dishes. The side dishes include fruits( apples, bananas and dates), vegetable salad, snacks( spring rolls, samosas and meat pies), bottled water, soft drinks and vegetable drinks.

It was a blessed event as members of the University Management present, praised the students’ efforts and generosity towards the Iftar. Members of the University Management present includes the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Ajith Kumar V.V, the Head of the SSD, Mr. Nazim Islam, the Head of Sports Department, Mr. Musa Mohammad as well as other Staff and Faculties.