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Sun Students Pays Educational Visit to Fortune Rice Mills, Kano

Students of Skyline University Nigeria embarked on an educational trip to the Fortune Rice Mills in Kano, an exciting opportunity for them to widen their knowledge. Apart from the opportunity to learn first-hand about certain carriers of interests, students get the chance to gain practical knowledge, observe and learn how theoretical concepts are put into action, thereby adding value to a real-time working environment.

Educational Visits are a complete package that aims at widening the knowledge of students. It is not just an outing organized by the University for fun but is related to curriculum. Hence, students get to learn things that are beneficial to them in the future and generate excitement among students as they get a chance to learn something outside the confines of the University wall.

The students who visited the rice mill on the weekend, 22nd January 2022 were received by Mr. Nura Muhammad Yakubu, the Fortune Rice Mills Quality Control Manager. Mr. Nura gave a presentation on the rice production process most especially the Milling process which according to him is the most important step in rice production because it determines the nutritional, cooking, and sensory qualities of crude rice.

The Executive Director/General Manager – Alhaji Shehu of the rice mill, while addressing the students, urged them to think towards being an employer of labor by venturing into businesses which according to him is highly risky but also can be highly rewarding, as it serves to generate economic wealth, growth, and innovation. He also encouraged the students to think of different ways to be better leaders in all aspects of their lives.

The student also allowed the students to clarify their doubts and silence their curiosity about what kind of job they would be doing after graduation. They communicated with the people of the organization and got a clear idea about the nature of the rice mill. The visits followed a tour of the factory with a view of exposing the students to practical experiences.

The students were accompanied by Lecturers of the University, Prof. Susanta Pahari and Mr. Abdulrazak as well as the Corporate Affairs Supervisor – Mr. Saka Shehu.

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