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Tips on choice of discipline at university

For a few people, choosing a course is simple: they have always wanted one discipline or other.

However, some tend to choose their third-level options on the number of points they expect to achieve in college or high school, rather than their particular aptitudes and interests.

The implication is that large number of students eventually embark on Programmemes which they later discover to be unsuitable.

Here are few tips on how to select a degree Programmeme that fits your profile.

  • Self-assessment/appraisal

Before taking the ultimate decision of opting for a particular Programmeme, it is imperative you do a thorough appraisal of yourself to know if that Programmeme is suitable for you or not.

This could be done by considering your interests, hobbies, skills, aptitudes and achievements (academic and personal), and identifying certain personality traits combined with appropriate course exploration will hold the key to successful choice of course.

  • Self- awareness

Knowing your interest, skills, value and personality will also influence your decision on the type of Programmeme to pursue at the university. This could be done by deploying several tools or parameters to uncover these personal attributes and do a correlation analysis on these and your desired course.

You may even be shocked at your discoveries after carrying out this exercise.

  • Research the courses and schools

A thorough research of the Programmemes in question and universities offering them will give you an insight on the courses and what lies ahead.

Taking your time to look at the universities websites to find out every details about your desired Programmemes will save you the heartache of venturing into an uncharted territory.