Skyline University Nigeria

Use the Knowledge of Innovation as Roadmap to Success – Sun Faculty, Aisha Turaki Ibrahim

A Lecturer of the Department of Management, School of Arts, Management and Social Science in Skyline University Nigeria, Ms. Aisha Turaki Ibrahim, has re-echoed the importance of innovation in the introduction of new services or incremental improvements of existing services we see around the world. She gave this insight while making her presentation as a speaker at the recently held ‘Changing Gear’ seminar for the students of Zayad Academy, Kano.

The Changing Gear Seminar which is organized occasionally by the University has been a pivotal platform for setting up the stage for equipping the young generation with academic preparedness as well as the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the global world. The event was part of the University’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

While speaking to an audience comprised of the students of Zayad Academy, Ms. Aisha stated that in all of human development, innovation plays an important role; from product development, methods of management, ways of doing works, etc. “Innovation is an improvement to an existing product, process, or service that increases the chances to discover new opportunities. It can also help foster competitive advantage in all of human interaction”, She stated.

She added that some principles of innovation are also used in the building of many mechanical and electrical devices, including I-phones, retina display, storage space, facetime, copy, cut and paste, amongst others. As she puts it, “Even the latest banking technologies people use to perform advanced digital self-service jobs like mobile phone credit, instant payments and transfers through mobile banking Apps and biometric technology are all made possible because of innovation”.

Ms. Aisha advised the students to take up innovative courses that can help them pursue their passion during their degree Programmemes. She said that the empowerment of the students, to be future-ready was necessary for this kind of seminar. Noting that, it is the impartation of such knowledge that would make them worthy contributors to national development.

The event was concluded with a tour of the University facilities by the visiting student.