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Youth Leadership is Fundamental to Success, Says Expert

Facilitator at the recently held ‘Changing Gear’ seminar, Mr. Farid Illo, has advised students of Andal Science Academy, Kano to strive to develop vital skills in youth leadership. Without this, it becomes difficult for young people to develop leadership competencies that will make them better able to solve community problems and enhance their civic participation. He gave this note, amongst others on Saturday, 23rd October 2021.

The ‘Changing Gear’ seminar is one of the events organized by Skyline University Nigeria to equip the young generation with knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the global world. While making his presentation on the theme, ‘Youth Leadership in 21st Century’, Mr. Farid outlined some of the benefits of youth leadership. “Investing in youth leadership ensures that the future generation is equipped with necessary competencies”.

He added that in all levels of leadership, Ethics, Trust, Respect, Integrity, and Confidence are important attributes while Decision making, Allocation of resources, Problem-solving and planning are some of the vital skills that students should learn. He further stated that a student who can successfully lead will need to have a positive mindset, learn to accommodate new ways of doing things, avoid complaining, become a deep listener and softly use constructive criticism and correction.

The Vice-Chancellor of the Skyline University Nigeria, Dr. Ajith Kumar V.V, making his remarks, stated that providing leadership training prepares youth to manage time, work in a team setting, set goals, start conversations, facilitate meetings and manage effective communications. He advised the students to take advantage of the training to cultivate a passion for leadership building. “Youth leadership Programmes provide youth with the skills necessary to guide others, influence opinions and policy, and become as role models for their peers”. The VC stated.

The event came to an end with a remark by the university’s Director of Academic Support Services, Ms. Sarada Maganti, who advised the students to take up courses that can help them pursue their passion during their degree pregramme. The event was concluded with a tour of the university facilities by the visiting student.

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