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Trending Research Areas in Cyber Security

Cyber-security is a defensive tool in securing and preventing unlawful attacks. Cyberspace is being secured by using techniques and tools of cyber security which is especially concerned with cyber threats. Few cyber-crime are affecting cyberspace and society badly like identity theft, Hacking, Computer viruses, Copyright infringement, Click fraud, etc.

Cyber-security ponders on 3 important things:

  • The extent of security obtained by applying the security activities and processes.
  • A set of defined actions and related processes, procedural and non-procedural activities, proposed to secure, cyberspace and digital devices such as hardware, software, mobile, etc. The resource they comprise and transfer, includes database, operating system and software, along with other additional components in cyberspace. They also consider threats that are affecting the security of society. 
  • The allied field of professional endeavor, includes research and analysis that are targeted to execute those activities which will improve their overall quality.

The cyber security research studies are the first steps taken toward defining a national R&D agenda. It is required to empower the country to get ahead of challenges and produce the required technologies adequate for defending them. These ultramodern technologies can safeguard information systems and networks.


1. Information Security – This domain is to secure information from unauthorized access to avoid hacking, cracking, identity theft and to safeguard the confidentiality of information. This broad research area includes the following sub-domains Network Security, Mobile Security, Security Management, etc.

2. Digital Services – The term ‘Digital security is a collective term that indicates the potentials applied to protect our online user credentials, database, and other resources. These tools include anti-virus protection software, Telecom devices/ SIM cards, bio-metrics, web services, and secured personal devices. This broad research area includes the following sub-domains related to Web Services, Internet Banking, E-Booking, Mobile Commerce, E-Government, Electronic Commerce, etc.

3. Protection of Digital Services – In this domain, It Considers security and privacy as a substantial feature in all the assessments we develop while designing, building, and operating the service. This broad research area contains the following sub-domains Protection of electronic Services, protection of Business Information Systems, Security in Online Gaming Systems, Security, Trust, Privacy, Security in e-banking, e-Government, and Electoral Systems.





Dr.Vijay Arputharaj is a Lecturer in Skyline University Nigeria. He has completed his PhD in Computer Science from Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, India.

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