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What Is Your Worth?

Before the atomic age, chemistry professors used to say that a person’s worth, from a strictly chemical standpoint, was about $32 on the going market. In recent years, this view has undergone a startling change. Scientists now calculate that if the electronic energy in hydrogen atoms of your body could be utilized, you could supply all the electrical needs of a large, highly industrialized country for nearly a week.

The electrons in the atoms of our body are not just particles of matter; they are waves of living energy. And these waves ripple out and spread themselves in patterns of light, and as they move, they sing! If you had the proper hearing aid, you could hear a great flow, merging with the waves of neighboring atoms. Not only do they sing; they shine. If you would stand in front of an infrared television camera in a completely dark room, the screen would show you, from top to toe as a glistening, radiating, gleaming form. Infect if you try to reproduce your mind mechanically it would cost many billions of dollars, and you begin to see yourself for what you really are, an amazing, infinitely valuable creature.

All human beings are priceless, the purpose of this message is to help you decide just what you’re worth as a human being right now, on the market, in today’s society; and what you intend to be worth, say from 5-10 years from now. Don’t underestimate your potential and sell your skills and expertise low. I want you to think of yourself as a business or let’s say a corporation; because “ You are unique” and there is no other person on planet earth like YOU!

(The idea of this script is taken from Earl Nightangle).

Dr. Shahid Khan, is an Associate Professor, Skyline University Nigeria. He holds a PhD from Trinity University, United States and B.Sc & M.Sc in Hospitality and Tourism Management from the University of Wisconsin, USA.

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