Skyline University Nigeria

Boost Your Employability – Academic Qualifications & Relevant Career Skills for Every Undergraduate

Ever wondered why the majority of today’s graduates are unemployed, despite impressive academic qualifications? Well, most graduates are not employable in any industry/organizations because they lacked the employability skills. They failed to develop what is called soft skills that are necessary for getting, keeping and staying successful in any employment. These soft skills which include time management, emotional intelligence, resilience, empathy, integrity, learnability and leadership skills will enable prospective employers to get along with colleagues, to make critical decisions, solve problems and strongly represent the organization.

It is often said in Skyline University Nigeria that academic qualifications & soft skills are inseparable to developing the students’ capacity and not limited only to studies. These activities are part of the students’ experience, so the university has to encourage students’ participation in them. Where these activities are overdone to the extent that they interfere with academic work, students are encouraged to learn to balance it, to accommodate the realities of daily life while allowing students to learn intelligently for better job potential.

Soft skills are crucial to developing employable graduates, building a student’s portfolio or curriculum vitae (CV). In Skyline University Nigeria, these aspects of training the students are based on knowledge, skills and value-based educational approach, which are goal-directed, flexible and supportive, and within the students’ curriculum. It is forecasted to close the unfortunate gap between what students learn in the university and what they are expected to know to be job-ready.

While academic grades are indicative of how much a candidate has studied while in school, Skyline University Nigeria has substantially increased the value of the student’s degree by adding more time to teaching the students critical soft skills so that they can be able to demonstrate a certain level of people-skills. This opportunity will present a huge opportunity for SUN students to leverage their experience to boost their employability and be a valuable contributor to the development of the economy.

We invite you to apply to boost not only your academic skills but your employability. Below are some of the benefits enjoyed by SUN students that you can also be part of.

  • Develop the confidence you need to succeed at work or school
  • Develop skills for success and computer skills to support your goals
  • Improve your study strategies and the likelihood of success in postgraduate
  • Have additional professional certifications as well as business training