Skyline University Nigeria

Exclusive Interview: SUN Vice-Chancellor Reveals Plans for Collaboration with BUK

Professor Sudhakar Kota, the Vice-Chancellor of Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) has revealed plans for collaboration with Bayero University Kano (BUK). The Vice-Chancellor made this public on 24th of August 2020, during an exclusive interview with officials of Bayero University Kano (BUK) FM 98.9, after a courtesy visit to the newly inaugurated Vice-Chancellor of BUK, Prof. Sagir Adamu Abbas.

Having been the Vice-Chancellor of Skyline University Nigeria for the last two years and having a long record of winning great respect from the higher education sector in India, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Professor Kota looks forward to making the most of the potentials he sees in the university.

While responding to an interview by the officials of BUK FM 98.9 Digital studios, Professor Kota stated that there were prospects for collaboration that will, in turn, foster quality education, based on international best practices, on skill-based and entrepreneurship approach that could boost creativity and innovation amongst the students of both institutions. Excerpts:

Q: What interest do you have with BUK in terms of collaboration?

A: We have heard about the excellent facilities in BUK and we have seen for ourself some of the facilities. Shortly we will be setting up our studios for the Mass Communication’s students and we will require some form of assistance from the team. Our interest in this collaboration is to see that students of both institutions benefit in terms of practical skill training.

Q: Do you hope to maintain a long term partnership with BUK or this is for a short term?

A: BUK is our mentor and we don’t see the collaboration ending anytime soon. Even after the whole mentorship process, we would like to keep the relationship running for simple reasons that BUK is the oldest university in Kano and also has a very excellent facilities. Skyline University Nigeria being a private university would like to collaborate with BUK for many research areas, such as social research, sciences and medicine.

Q: Do you see the possibility of students exchange with BUK in the course of the collaboration? 

A: We would like to extend our collaborations to include students as well as faculty members. We can use your expertise as well as contribute our expertise for the growth and development of both institutions. Not only for the growth of the universities but the benefits of the students community in Kano state and Nigeria at large.

Q: BUK has recently inaugurated a new Vice-Chancellor. What message do you have for the new VC?

A: We have meet with the new Vice-Chancellor and already given our well wishes. Our hope is for him to serve the university in the best of his capacity and wisdom. Being a centre of learning, all facilities and faculties in the university can contribute greatly to the National Economy of Nigeria. We wish him all the success.