Skyline University Nigeria

Fresh Excitement as SUN Welcomes Returning Students to a New Academic Semester

A new semester starts with so many new things such as meeting new course mates, getting new books, meeting with new professors and faculty members, new hopes and dreams as well as new resolutions. Returning to school is very exciting and promising.
Sharing their feelings about returning to campus, some students have the following to say:
Abba Abbator said, “I was elated to have passed the previous semester well but I believed there is room for improvement. Getting good grades was my main focus, as well as acquainting myself with the Skyline University Nigeria’s Community.”
For Aisha Tijjani, the Holiday was a much-needed break. She is now refreshed and ready to continue focusing on her studies.
“Getting first class grades was my main focus last semester and I am happy to have achieved that goal. Maintaining the same number of grades until I graduate is now my aim. I am happy to have progressed to this semester with my course mates. We worked hard to ensure that none of us would fail the semester,” Aisha added.
The campus was buzzing throughout the week with students, families, and staff, all looking forward to a successful and productive semester. The University Welcomes returning students into a new academic semester and also announces that campus will soon hold new/fresh students orientation.
Wishing you a successful Semester!