Skyline University Nigeria

How Students can Leverage General Elections to boost their Portfolios

The upcoming Nigerian general elections present a rare opportunity for students to exercise their franchise as citizens. It also enables students to experiment and observe some of the knowledge that is being imparted to them by academics at the University.

The diversity of disciplines offered at universities equips students with innovative ideas to actively participate in the development activities in society at all levels. Hence, elections are part and parcel of development processes. It is the pillar upon which democratic societies thrive and survive.

For example, Skyline University Nigeria offers courses in the Social Arts and Management Sciences (SAMSS) like International Relations, Mass Communication, and Economics, among many others. From these, students gather a lot of information on how to be active social change agents in their various communities. 

Because general elections occur after every four years, it always comes with a unique vibe. Students can leverage the happenings and write reports and news pieces that, can be published by reputable media organizations. It is also an avenue for students to select the best research topics, compare with earlier research works and contribute to the general development of Nigeria with their findings and the world at large. 

Skyline University Nigeria provides students with soft skills like writing, research, and community service. Students from other disciplines such as the School of Sciences and Information Technology (SSIT), the School of Basic Medical Sciences, and the School of Legal Studies are not left out. They can use their writing and research skills to document election happenings on their social media platforms, to make the election processes accountable and credible.

Through their participation, students can support development by highlighting some of the salient issues that could escape the radar of the conventional media, international observers, etc. Like internship opportunities, the students can include such participation and writings in their portfolios. Their effort will certainly attract bigger opportunities for them in the future. It will clear the path for further engagements with public and private organizations.