Skyline University Nigeria

Leadership Tips students can cull from General Election

For students in Varsities, the Nigerian general elections are opportunities to cull exemplary tips on leadership. Lessons learned can then be replicated in their affairs as students to form effective unisons within their institutions. Almost every aspect of higher education requires leadership. And effective leadership can only be achieved by, adopting effective strategies that have proven to be successful elsewhere. The processes of elections legitimize leaders and present them as capable and legally endorsed in the eyes of their followers in societies. 

The careful integration of leadership structure for students in Higher Education Institutions has over time, generated unquantifiable successes. It is used to organize and coordinate students’ affairs effectively. This is visible in the creation of an operative communication chain that, is utilized by students to channel complaints and suggestions to university management. Again, various events are organized by the Student Union Government representatives on a variety of topics like entrepreneurship, career path, and IT skills that are incredibly beneficial for the students.

The concept of leadership is embedded and widely embraced in every social structure to allow for even development and avoid chaos. Good leadership has at all times aided in the realization of aspirations and goals of people in diverse societies and organizational set-ups. So, Universities and other higher education institutions award degrees in both learning and character that signifies abilities in knowledge and leadership. Undeniably, leadership is an essential part of one’s character.

In the universities, the formation of the Students Union Government (SUG) and other similar obtainable groups like the Students Representative Council (SRC) at Skyline University, is based on the available designated positions in Nigeria and other parts of the world. As such, many tips regarding the organization of elections, voting processes, the appointment of presiding officers, and campaigns among a host of other activities can be emulated by varsity students. With the integration of innovation, students can emulate electronic balloting to ease the processes of choosing their representatives and avoid malpractices.