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Industry connect; Skyline University Nigeria Student visit Interswitch, PwC and IBM

To have the industry experience that is needed for professional development, students of Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) visited the Interswitch, IBM and PwC companies in Lagos State. Students of Computer Science and Software Engineering visited the companies to have first-hand experience of the professional world as they continue to build their careers.

According to the Vice-Chancellor of SUN, Prof. Ajith Kumar, V. V., industry connections are vital to showcasing the practical application of the knowledge gained by the students in class. He said this process is one of the motivational offers that SUN offers so that students can have seamless transitions to the working environment immediately after graduation.

SUN students were accompanied by the dean of the School of Science and Information Technology (SSIT), Dr. A. Senthil Kumar and the Corporate Affairs Executive, Mr. Farouk Isma’il. Together, the group toured around the exciting facilities of the companies in Lagos.

In his remarks, the Dean of SSIT said the companies were purposely chosen because of the level of technological advancement deployed by them in delivering their services. He said the practical experience available in the companies can adequately supplement the teaching methods they deploy during lectures. He added that he is confident that the practical knowledge gained by the students will undoubtedly be useful to them throughout their careers.

Also, while making his remarks, Mr. Isma’il said the university is confident in exploring areas of partnership with the companies. He said the university has surely met good collaborators who can support its mission of providing world-class education for youth.

Dr. Kumar and Mr. Isma’il applauded the management of SUN for supporting the initiative and hoped that the students would use the resources gathered to excel in their careers.

Interswitch, PwC and IBM are companies delivering various services largely through the utilization of technology.

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