Skyline University Nigeria

Make Your University Years Memorable

University days can be the best and the worst of times for any undergraduate. Mostly, it is considered a privilege to have the next four to five years of ones’ life, simply attending lectures each day and exploring the literature of great thinkers. It is also a time that should be filled with laugher and enjoyment, as well as working towards ones’ future vocation. There aren’t many times in life when you have so much freedom and still, have time to forge lifelong friendships than the university days, which will make such a positive experience as well as become the basis for an incredible career in the future.

As you return to school after the lockdown, well, the university won’t magically be your best year ever or the most memorable, unless you begin to learn much more than what is thought in the classroom, such as how to manage your own time, money, studies, and social life as well as how to get along with a variety of people from many different walks of life. It has to be more than the impression of prioritizing course work over the extracurricular opportunities available in the university.

The university years isn’t complicated. It’s very simple if you understand the tricks involved. The trick is to be as disciplined in your approach to your studies as possible whilst devoting time to relaxing and enjoying yourself. With that being said a considerable amount of maturity is needed to make sure that you achieve the degree you will one day look back on with fond memories. Here are some of the tricks needed to make your university years memorable.

  1. Be in your best behaviour – For a student to get access to an excellent education, they are expected to comply with certain university expectations and display values of politeness, kindness, compassion and respectful behaviour.
  2. Understand that education serves to prepare you for the workplace and to mould you into a responsible and productive person.
  3. That Lecturers aren’t babysitters, nor is their role to hold your hand through a degree. You need to hone your goals, develop your personality so you can face the world with confidence.
  4. Meet academic expectations – Students are required to meet the academic expectations by creating a collaborative learning environment and displaying values of teamwork and unity.
  5. Be punctual. Being late for class creates a negative impact on students’ grades. Thus, students must maintain discipline in the classroom.
  6. Learn to take ownership of your actions and change your habits to support your growth.
  7. Make health and happiness a priority
  8. Learn to say no, develop boundaries and surround yourself with positive people.

Finally, It’s important to make the most of your time at university. You won’t be able to get the time back, and when looking back in years to come, you’ll have fond memories to treasure – and a qualification that will set your career off in the right direction. We don’t expect everyone to respond in the same way, however, we encourage them to model behaviors and attitudes that promote learning through defined goal setting and self-evaluation.