Skyline University Nigeria

Reasons to join the University

Students were once asked what their biggest reasons were for joining the University. They didn’t say “scaling the medical industry”, “Becoming good enough to be hired in an IT company” or “integrating their dreams with their parents’ desires”. They anonymously said they were in the University to gain knowledge. Their submission was that the University had a culture of helping students develop and apply knowledge to benefit others or serve the public good.

While it’s true that the University Culture is built on a knowledge-based approach, students must be aware that it is in taking responsibility and actively participating in the teaching process that will help them produce not only quality works sufficient to earn an ‘A, B or C, but that will set a place for them in the workplace. The goal of joining the university is achieved when students participate in active learning that will in turn boost their overall skills and professional development.

The University journey is more than just studying. There are many more available opportunities. General benefits of taking University admission, include, having the chance to pursue your career goals; It aligned with your career path; You are ready to learn independently and in a group; You are ready to learn new skills; Extending yourself professionally and personally; Being ready to change your lifestyle and have the chance to learn things that you never learnt to do.

Each student’s ability to learn and gain the best reward from his/her experience in the undergraduate journey depends upon an environment which is conducive to learning and activities which are consistent with the objectives of an academic institution. If you are thinking about applying to one of the Universities that fits these criteria, and haven’t made an application, you can visit our website @ and we will make your application process a seamless transition.