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Fabulous Five Steps To Develop A Gaming App

The key aspects required to develop a game app include passion, unique app concept, modern app development technology. The following are the simple steps to be followed while developing a unique game app.

Do Market study to identify goal, objectives and user personas

Defining the goals and objectives is an essential part of building a game requirements document for a game app. Understanding the gaming app idea will help to define an effective set of functions for the solution. We can use one or a combination of the following monetization policies Ad Revenue, In-app purchases, Premium Purchase, One-time Purchase

User personas and stories should serve as a confirmation or refutation of any assumptions made about the users.

Defining Gaming App features and requirements

The gaming should contain a detailed description of application and features of the game. It should also contain descriptions of non-functional requirements like security, performance, adaptability etc.

Develop App UX, User Flow and Technologies

This will help in getting a overall idea of a game flow in help us to sort between the feasible and non-feasible ideas. Defining the environment of app is very important as android and IOS has different requirements and technologies for the same app development.

Develop a prototype for your game

Your prototype needs to be extremely simple as it is not the complete game.  The assets, levels, power-ups, and enemies you have planned   need not be included in this. It simply   requires a simple version of your actual game that shows you have a feasible idea. This can be used as a test to your ideas, to attract investors.

Market your app

Even before the   release of the gaming app, it needs to be marketed, to create an expectation on the game. Develop a website along with a promotional video for your gaming app.  Give a clear idea to the potential users of what can be expected in the gaming app. Advertise your product to gaming journalists and publications, for an ideal marketing of the game.




Dr. Vijay Arputharaj is a lecturer at Skyline University Nigeria. He has completed his PhD in Computer Science, from Bharathiar University, India.

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