Skyline University Nigeria


Every day, in your undergraduate courses, you are learning a lot about leadership and how much of leadership is about the desire to be responsible and accountable. Level of accountability determines your level of responsibility and responsiveness to the common goal and collective trust in virile and humane organization.
A manifesto, a written statement of the beliefs, aims, and policies of a corporate organization, university community amongst other corporate entity, provides a template for an individual or group to be accountable, responsible and responsive to the common concerns in an organization or a community. Being responsible, gives you a sense of accountability for whom you lead, what you’re in charge of or what you want to become. For example, a Customer Care Responsibility Manifesto may look like this: ‘Being responsible for making the customer happy or managing their emotions while they are in my care or having the consciousness that anything I do today will define the customer’s experience’.
Take for instance a university admissions officer, responsible for the admissions of students, attending to the students in his care and ensuring everyone is satisfied with their university’s application. What about the attendants in the business industries? Imagine if they have this knowledge practiced on a daily basis, it becomes a culture and we will bother little about the long queue in the end.
Responsibility manifesto, therefore, makes your business unique and develops positive workplace culture which attracts talent, drives engagement, impacts happiness, and satisfaction as well as affects performance.
Responsibility Manifesto is not just for the business industry or university service personnel but it is for everyone who understands the value of giving before receiving.