Skyline University Nigeria

SUN’s Chancellor, His Highness Muhammad Sanusi II Warns Against Election Violence!

In his words, “Election is not a war, there is no need for bloodshed and it is our responsibility to caution and enlighten the public against violence”.

His speech supports some tips to staying safe during election. That is, do not support or encourage political thuggery while present at a political rally procession or voting center. Do not walk around with offensive weapon or missile.

“As a father to all, I always preach for peace; this is because no meaningful development can take place without peace”.

Some political operatives use violence because it attains the desired political ends. Preventing electoral violence requires removing the use of violence from the toolbox.

The chancellor advised and urged the eligible voters to vote for whoever that is competent and capable they think will take them to the promise land, he said they should obtain their permanent voter cards (PVCs) before the elections, called for continuous prayers for peaceful election in the country.