Skyline University Nigeria


Skyline University Nigeria hosts experts for Entrepreneurship Roundtable Forum

The management of Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) has hosted seasoned entrepreneurs for its entrepreneurship roundtable forum. The two-hour session that happened on the 24th January, 2024, was initiated to support students in their respective career journeys.

Mr. Trimisiyyu Lawal, a lecturer in the department of management who introduced the guests and moderated the session, said it is very vital for the level 400 students to know the prospects of entrepreneurship and its vast opportunities in Nigeria. He admitted that government jobs aren’t sufficient and this is why youth are advised to be innovative and creative.

The invited guests who participated in the roundtable forum are Mr. Aminu Aliyu from Bank of Industry, Ms. Aisha Tofa, the cofounder of Startup Kano, Mr. Khalifa Rabiu, the founder of Construcshop and Yeshika Keswani, the CEO of Cellopack.

Ms. Keswani explained that taking responsibility is very difficult as an entrepreneur. She stated that taking responsibility starts with oneself; fitness, diet, business, emotions and relationships are very critical. She added that adaptability in business is what sets leaders apart. Technology, innovation, economy and culture, among others must always be a priority.

In her remarks, Ms. Tofa explained that mentorship shapes and broadens the mindset of youth in unimaginable ways. She highlighted that mindset is the foundation for success because it enables youth to identify self-worth and value, thereby making them acquire the necessary skills needed for the 21st century.

On his part, Mr. Rabiu stated that entrepreneurs are likely to fail at their early stages. He admitted that it is that failure that enables you to navigate storms and understand the intricacies of leading a brand. Mr. Rabiu advised the students to respect the opinions of business partners and employees in order to be successful.

Mr. Aliyu, a representative from the Bank of Industry who participated in the forum, explained that, there are multiple opportunities to access seed capital for start-ups. He said the Africa Development Bank and the Bank of Industry are only among many banks and grant agencies that are willing to support the dreams of youth. He then urged the students to acquire the necessary skills and be innovative to thrive today.

Delivering the vote of thanks on behalf of SUN, Dr. Sudha Mavuri, the Dean of the School of Arts, Social and Management Sciences (SAMSS), expressed her satisfaction with the conduct of the session. She specifically highlighted that the event was truly motivational and informative.