Skyline University Nigeria


CEO Lecture Series: Skyline University Nigeria hosts Director of Rumbu Industries Limited

Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) has hosted the director of Rumbu Industries Limited for its CEO lecture series. The event, which happened on 23rd January 2024, is usually done to expose students to industry best practices and rudiments that would enhance their careers.

Introducing the guest, Mr. Farouk Isma’il, cooperate affairs executive at the university, said Mr. Sani Hussani Saleh, is a vast and widely experienced businessman with over 25 years of experience across different managerial roles. Mr. Isma’il explained that the students are lucky to tap into his wealth of experience.

Delivering the presentation titled ‘Leadership in Business’, the director of Rumbu Industries Limited said, “Effective leadership is vital to the success of any business. It requires a combination of skills, traits, and behaviors that enable leaders to inspire, motivate, and guide their team towards achieving common goals.” He emphasized that leadership requires learning from employees to help organizations and businesses move forward.

He acknowledged that there are economic, political, religious, technological, socio-cultural and legal factors that must be duly considered when running an organization. It is very imperative to know the leadership skills needed to navigate these challenges.

Mr. Saleh concluded by advising the students to use their creativity and be employers of labor rather than seek jobs from the government, which are currently inadequate.

The dean of the School of Arts, Management and Social Sciences (SAMSS), Dr. Sudha Mavuri, gave the concluding remarks and vote of thanks while expressing the university’s gratitude to the director. She said she has also learned the dynamics of business in Kano and Nigeria as a management scholar. She then advised the students to use their time wisely during their stay at the institution in order to have a prosperous future.