Skyline University Nigeria

Skyline University Nigeria Hosts Students of Intercontinental College on Changing Gear and Campus Tour

To give opportunity to prospective students looking to gain admission into Skyline University Nigeria (SUN), to explore SUN campus and learn about the academic experience, campus landmarks, residential life, dining and the SUN history and traditions as well as what lecture in the university feels like, the University has organize a ‘Changing Gear’ Seminar and campus tour for the Students of Intercontinental College Kano.

The Seminar which was organized on 30th June, 2021 provided a glimpse of the university’s beautiful campus and allowed students to connect with faculty members. Ms. Jyoti Rajwar who spoke on the theme of the seminar, “waste management and future career opportunities”, stated that while waste management is a concern for many, researchers have found an opportunity in it. “The conversion of waste to energy is the most up-and-coming opportunity”. She stated.

Ms. Jyoti who defined waste management to includes the activities and actions required to manage waste from its inception to its final disposal, added that thermal technologies and biological technologies have offered a breakthrough in this area. She stated that in the future, waste to energy would be responsible for generating biodegradable feedstock while adding that in Nigeria, there are over 90 waste management jobs on demand.

The University Registrar, Mr. Haruna Aliyu, while giving his remarks, appreciated the students participation in the seminar, which he stated, was organized to prepare them for the life in the university. “There are diverse waste management career opportunities amongst others, this kind of seminar will help you look into the various careers relating to your choosen course of study”. He advised.

The Changing Gear event was organized by the Marketing Department of Skyline University Nigeria, and Anchored by the Director of Academic Support Service (DASS), Ms. Sarada Maganti. The Event ended with a tour of the university’s Campus.