Skyline University Nigeria

Students of Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) Paid Industrial Visit to the Gidan Makama Museum, Kano State

Skyline University Nigeria (SUN), In a bid to assert its mission of learning driven by technology, which is to nurture creativity and the spirit of entrepreneurship for all its stakeholders has engaged 100 level students of International Relations and Mass Communication on an Industrial visit to the Gidan Makama Museum, Kano State. The visit was a very impactful experience for the students, who had the opportunity to learn firsthand about the history of Northern Nigeria in terms of its rich cultural heritage.

The students being led by Dr. Olumide Abraham Ajayi, a lecturer in the School of Art, Management and Social Science, and Mr. Saka Shehu, the Corporate Affair Supervisor, arrived at the Museum on 29th June 2021, for practical exposure and an understanding of the nature and character of Pre-colonial/Colonial Government amongst Nigeria rulers. The museum is divided into 11 galleries, each with its centre of focus. The main entrance hall with displays of traditional materials, city walls, and maps of Kano, the history of statehood, Kano in the 19th century, the Civil War, economy, industry, and music.

Mr. Saad Uba Kwali, the Senior Museum Education Officer, while receiving the visiting team from SUN, explained the vision of the Kano Gidan Makama Museum. He stated that it was constructed in the 15th century with a significant amount of collections of arts, crafts, and items of historic interest related to the Kano area and is recognized as a National Monument by the Government of Nigeria. 

While speaking about the importance of the visit, Dr. Ajayi stated that it was planned to help get the students excited about course subjects and to expand their knowledge of real-world problems outside classes. “We want to encourage as many connections to the real world as possible, that will provide additional context and clarity in the subject taught.

Industrial Visits are peculiar with studies as faculty members regularly encouraged them. The students visited the different sections within the museum and enjoyed it.