Skyline University Nigeria

Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) Welcomes Freshmen into Academic Year 2019/2020

Department is designed to acculturate new students with the norms and core values of the university, as well as to introduce them to students and staff responsibilities, rules and regulations of the institution, amongst others.

While giving the welcome address, the Head of Marketing, Mr. Ahmed Bello, emphasized that adherence to the rules and regulations is binding on all students of the university. “This occasion is important as it will allow new students to familiarize with one another and with the management of the university, as well as to introduce them to the dos and don’ts of the university”, he stated.

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Sudhakar Kota, while giving his speech urged the students to strive towards the attainment of their visions of becoming successful graduates of the institution. He advised students to understand that much work is expected of them. In his words, “unlike O level exams, we expect you to carry out further research and investigations through the resources at your disposal in the university”.

Furthermore, the Vice Chancellor hinted that performance of students at under graduate level determines their progress to post graduate studies.

In her comment at the event, one of the returning students, Bilkisu Musbau, a First-Class student of International Relation said that new students should consider it a privilege to be in Skyline University Nigeria. She advised the students to work hard and play a little because only hard work can guarantee academic success.

There were important contributions from other members of top management. The Registrar, Mr. Firoj Rauta; the Director of Academic Support Services, Mrs. Sarada Maganti; as well as the Head Librarian, Mr. Kabiru Danladi Garba; the Head of Sports, Mr. Musa Mohammed; the Chief Security Officer, Mr. Hassan Nanven; Dr. Anil Taneja, Head of Mathematics all gave their respective address to the students.

One common motivation for the freshmen is the sheer determination to make the most of the opportunities available in Skyline University Nigeria, which will enable them to fulfill their destinies and above all become solution providers to the nation in particular and the world in general.