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SUN Arts and Photography Club students visit Kurmi Market

Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) arts and photography club students have visited the ancient Kurmi market in Kano. With its long tradition and rich cultural history, the students paid the visit to explore and learn about the creative artistic artifacts available in the market.

The students were able to understand that Muhammadu Rumfa, a one-time Kano Emir, founded Kurmi Market in the fifteenth century. It has a long history and has served as the main trading hub in Kano State. Also, they were able to see local currencies used in trading activities in the past, such as cowries, coins, e.t.c.

Kurmi Market is renowned for offering a wide variety of products. Traditional crafts, textiles, leather goods, jewelry, spices, and a range of home goods are available. It is especially well-known for its traditional clothing and leather goods. This is believed to have been the reason that the market gained its age-long popularity.

Most notably, the market is known for the supply of horse adornment materials. SUN students were able to identify some of the art materials they see all the time.

In their various remarks, the lecturers who led the delegation of students, Mr. Trimisiyu Lawal and Mr. Mustapha Abdulsalam, said the visit will certainly enrich the students knowledge of Kano history. They appreciated SUN management’s support to undertake the visit.

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