Skyline University Nigeria

SUN Students Exposed to Think Investment in Youth Enterprise at ‘How I Got There III’ Webinar

Mr. Ahmad Nuhu, the CEO of Wamball Group, has encouraged students of Skyline University Nigeria to think about investment in youth enterprise as this would not only provide employment prospects to youth but will have an impact on economic growth through new jobs, increased competition, and innovation. “There is always the chance for young entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into successful businesses that will not only benefit the individual but the society as well”, he stated.

He said this much, amongst others on Saturday, 30th October 2021 at ‘How I Got There III’ Webinar, organized by the office of the Event Coordinator of the Skyline University Nigeria, Ms. Nafisa Inuwa. The event is occasionally organized by the University, to help students decide which field they should work in, which extracurricular activities and hobbies they should invest time and attention to, and how they should conduct themselves while building their careers.

While noting some of the experiences incurred on his business journey, Mr. Ahmad Nuhu stated that What holds the youth back is the decision to give their all to make it work in business, noting that a lot of youth going into business hardly ever endure the waiting period before the profits. He mentioned creativity and innovation as the driving force for any successful business and described passion as what will determine the future of their business.

The guest speaker enlightened the students on the emerging skills needed in establishing a successful business. As he puts it, these skills include time management, team-building, analytical, negotiation, problem-solving, marketing and financial management skills. 

The webinar was attended by management, Staff and Students of the university, as well as members of the general public.