Skyline University Nigeria

There is no Magic Formula For Creating Brilliant Entrepreneurship Ideas – Says Expert

Engr. Othman Abdulrasheed, Guest Speaker at the 5th Online CEO Lecture Series of Skyline University Nigeria (SUN), has sensitized students of the university that brilliant entrepreneurship ideas, overcoming silent dream killers, believing in self, having an understanding of immutable laws are important for anyone that wants to excel as an entrepreneur. He made this assertion on Thursday, 12th April 2021, through an online platform, while delivering a lecture title ‘Entrepreneurship’.

The guest speaker, a Certified Leadership Coach, Speaker, Trainer and Author, stated that great business ideas surface sporadically from the brain and while there isn’t a magic formula for creating entrepreneurial brilliance, there are, however things you can do to become a successful entrepreneur. He defined success as the progressive realization of a worthy goal – stating that once you come up with those ideas, you have to write them down, make plans to hone and act on them.

Engr. Othman added that entrepreneurship is about solving problems, selling product or services or being able to identify a problem and proffering a solution that will in turn bring financial gain. According to him, “A great entrepreneur must be able to effectively communicate, sell, focus, learn, and strategize. An ability to continuously learn is not just a key entrepreneurial skill, but also a very valuable life skill”. He stated.

The Vice-Chancellor of Skyline University Nigeria, Prof. Ajith Kumar V.V, while giving his remarks, appreciated the Guest Lecturer for honouring the invitation to speak on the 5th Online CEO Lecture Series of the university. “Our goal is to graduate students who are job creators than seekers, and the Guest Lecture Series is one of our platforms set aside to inspire the students and expose them to the activities that can enhance brilliant entrepreneurship ideas”. Prof. Ajith added.

He thanked all staff and students present for making the event successful and noted that the CEO Guest Lecture Series played a critical role in enhancing the short and long term vision of the University, albeit in a capacity of applicable education.