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Why Visiting a University is Immensely Helpful

online listing may also be good but in some cases, what looks like a beautiful garden may be swamped, tiles broken and some of the “bedrooms” in the students’ hostels may be more like a bed space, being occupied by at least 6-8 students per room. Below are some of the reasons why it’s helpful to visit a university before your admission is due.

University Tour is better when it’s not online

The idea of taking an online visual tour of campus may be worth it. Because it offers the opportunity to chat with online admission officers through an online forum and find answers from anything from admissions requirement to deadline of application, to financial plan, hostels etc. but giving the availability of a campus site and physical location of the university, we feel it is also worth the time and physical trip to the university for more students exposure.

It gives you an accurate assessment of the value and quality of the intended university

If you don’t visit your prospective university then you are missing out on accurately assessing the value and quality of the intended university. Packing your bags to go visit a university, gives you a different experience and helps you to see how it feels to be far from home, a good step that will bring you clarity of your new college search.

You will get a good sense of the heart of the university

It’s important to begin campus visit with the official tour by the university admissions office organized for secondary school. While being a participant, students could get a good sense of the heart of the campus, and of the school’s main architectural and social attractions. It will also give the chance to ask the tour guide some questions about students life, sports and other information whose answers are hard to find from the university’s website and social media platforms.

You will have the chance to chat up with current students

Apart from the official tour, there are other important visits hours like the open days, university career fair, and other major events held at the university’s campus that would give you another exposure to campus lifestyle. However, we strongly recommend that you set off your self-guided tour to make sure the official tour information appears to align with reality. Chat up with a few students about the universal selling points of the university, explore the surrounding town, dine at a restaurant or two and take as many information as you can.

You can talk about your academic interest

The point of any university tour is not complete without a talk with an admission officer. We advise you to talk to your admissions officer of the prospective university, particularly about your academic interests and achievements, extracurricular activities, and also have several questions for the admission officers about the institution.