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Green Human Resource Management


Green Human Resource Management (GHRM) is a new conceptual model that has gained prominence in the world, particularly in the corporate environment. Green HR as eco-friendly drives, prompts better efficiencies, less expense, and elevates representative commitment levels. Green HR creativities help organizations discover elective approaches to reduce expenses without losing their top intellectual talents and in long term, it focuses on a strategic initiative to promote sustainable business practices in the emerging business scenario. In green HR, HRM arrangements are utilized to animate and uphold the reasonable utilization of assets and protect the indigenous habitat. Green HR concentrates on a turn of events, execution, and upkeep of all exercises pointed toward making individual staff steady and focused on realistic objectives. It incorporates the HR function of staffing, performance appraisal, and execution, lined up with the organization’s objectives. It includes all experts and specialists in adopting economical practices and improving awareness about an eco-friendly way of life. They incorporate the advancement of energy conservation.

Importance of Green HRM

The significance of green HRM for both the organization and the worker, include:

  • Enhancement in the retention rate of employee
  • Upgrading public image
  • Attracting better employees
  • Progress in productivity and sustainability
  • Decrease in the environmental impact of the company
  • Value-added competitiveness and increased overall performance

Examples of GHRM Practices

  • E-bikes and E- Cars for representatives who are engaged in fieldwork and marketing-distribution activities.
  • Organizing vehicle pool administration for pick and drop to the office.
  • Buying things from nearby sellers to avoid travel and traffic.
  • Save power by starting work early in the morning
  • Create eco-accommodating mentalities among representatives
  • Reduce the desk work by doing it on the web
  • Recycle the wastage of firm
  • Teleconferencing and webinar can decrease the time and energy
  • Monitor water supply to save water

 Green HR two

Green HRM Practices

  1. Encourage job seekers to use online portals of the company on career and recruitment processes. Inquiry through telephone and official E-mail of the company and video panel interviews with recent apps such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google meet, webex meet, etc to reduce the traveling time and unsolicited paperwork.
  2. Announcement of Green prizes and rewards to employees who are rehearsing nature-friendly approach to their working environment and show the means through carbon credit equalizers, free E-bikes, and pollution-free vehicles for transportation to the workplace place. 
  3. Modern business can establish a green business climate by decreasing the utilization of printing papers, expanding the usage of recycling stationaries, utilizing eco-friendly groceries, bag and reduce the usage of crushed bottled water and plastics in the working environment.
  4. Companies can advise the employees to use public transport or carpooling for reaching the office and initiate GHRM by providing subsidies in interest-free loans to purchase hybrid cars and E- vehicles.
  5. Conduct business conferences and gatherings through the web, group calls, and video conferencing any place conceivable to moderate business travel.
  6. Encourage the employee to use luminous light bulbs and turn off lights, computers, and printers after work hours and on weekends for further energy reductions.
  7. Work with IT to change to workstations over personal computers since PCs burn through up to 70% less force and power.


Green HRM helps in accomplishing more prominent, efficiency with negligible consumption. It takes out ecological waste and makes the best use of refurbished HR talents and potential skills of the employees. It intends to build employer-employee commitment in a workplace that permits the organization to work in a natural working setup. Green HRM can assist with diminishing carbon impressions, appropriate usage of assets, and successful utilization of energy. Greening, the climate should likewise be possible all the more successfully just when similar inventive practices are executed in each capacity of the association with the end goal that the world turns into a greatly improved and a more joyful spot to live in.


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