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Importance of Physical Activities Towards Promoting Good Health


You may be aware that physical activities have tons of benefits for promoting a healthy body and overall wellbeing. Some benefits include burning calories to regulate weight, promoting a good physique, boosting immunity, promoting sleep, and for good mental health by reducing stress and depression. When you do physical activities, your muscles are strengthened and your body gets fit so that it can handle other physical activities. Conversely, if you stop doing physical activities regularly, your body will gradually lose the stamina and the ability to carry out its functions properly.

You do not have to worry any more about heart disease, diabetes, or high blood pressure as you can count on physical activities to keep these things at bay. Regardless of your current weight, maintaining an active lifestyle raises the levels of the “good” cholesterol or the high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol and lowers the unhealthy triglycerides. The effect is that your blood flows more smoothly, thus significantly reducing the possibilities of cardiovascular diseases.

Importance of Physical Activities Towards Promoting Good Health

Regular physical activities, workouts etc. help to manage or keep away a good number of health issues such as stroke, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, several cancers, metabolic syndrome, and others. By keeping an active lifestyle, you also stand to have an improved cognitive function and significantly lower the risk of death from a myriad of causes.

It can boost your mood, help to fight stress and depression, and bring an overall feeling of wellbeing to your body. During exercise, your brain is stimulated to release endorphins, which assist in making your mood better, raising your energy levels, and even helping you to have better sleep.

In addition, physical activities help to promote efficient delivery of oxygen to the tissues to produce energy, therefore boosting energy levels. Working out also improves the cardiovascular system and lungs, and with better health of the lungs and heart, the body has a sufficient energy supply facilitated by proper blood circulation, therefore having more energy to tackle day-to-day activities.

It can help you to fall asleep more quickly, enjoy better sleep, and even deepen your sleep. Adequate and good quality sleep is crucial for repair of worn-out tissues, energizing the body, and even for overall body wellbeing. 

Besides the benefits discussed above, exercise helps you to age strongly and live a longer life.



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Mr. Musa Muhammad is the Head of Sports, Skyline University Nigeria. He has a BSC Ed. in Physical and Health Education from Bayero University Kano (BUK), Nigeria.

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