Skyline University Nigeria

Marketing Department

The Marketing & Admissions Department, pursuing the vision and mission of SUN, is responsible to enroll prospective students irrespective of age, gender, religion, creed, nationality and physically challenged status, while creating a co-educational and multicultural academic environment making SUN a dynamic learning center. The Marketing & Admissions Department is responsible for creating awareness and opportunities available at SUN for students to develop their knowledge, skills, values, and their overall personality to become effective and socially responsible entrepreneurs in dynamic, national, regional, and digital world.

The Marketing & Admissions Department in coordination with Media & Communication Department and Corporate Affairs Office is responsible to build a strong brand image & project the core values of SUN to the prospective students, SUN community, general-public and other stakeholders. The aim of the department is to reach the target segment by participating in various promotional activities in local & international markets. The Marketing department oversees the online and press media updates done by Media and Communication department. It also supervises the corporate linkage activities undertaken by Corporate Affairs Office as part of brand building activities. The Marketing & Admission Department admits candidates with O’levels & A’ levels as per the Ministry of Education guidelines and the admission policy of SUN. The number of students enrolled is based on the availability of seats determined for each Programme in accordance with the strategic plan of SUN.

The purpose of the Marketing & Admissions Department is:

          a.         To continue to work for a positive image and disseminate information through various media communication channels about SUN;

·         To develop plans for building brand image, innovation and enterprising, and Techno-Creative Education university in local and international markets; preparing media plans and maintaining relationship with media.

·         To enhance online marketing efforts, website update and optimizing E-marketing sources for brand building.

·         To conduct workshops and participate in exhibitions, locally & internationally.

·         To assist Corporate Affairs Office and Events Coordinator for brand building activities.

·         To support academic initiatives - Conference & Symposiums.

·         To coordinate, MDPs and boot camps in alliance with academics.

         b.         To counsel prospective students for choosing the right Programmes at SUN as per policy procedure, guidelines and NUC Standards.

·         To counsel & enroll students as per SUN admission policy & target allocation.

·         To maintain enrollment balance  as per approved seat allocation

          c.          To plan and develop marketing strategies in accordance with SUN strategic plan and access enrollment risks.

·         To formulate, implement and review marketing strategies in accordance with the strategic plan.

·         To focus and develop market plans for school’s Programmes.

·         To focus and develop market plans for government and Corporates in NIGERIA for School’s Programmes.

·         To focus & develop online plan for Ranking, SEO & SMO.

·         To review marketing activities and propose new marketing plan based on gaps identified.

·         To evaluate impact related to low enrollments, weak promotional events & gaps in marketing intelligence.

         d.         To explore new market segments locally & internationally.

·         To explore schools and universities locally and internationally, online marketing and appoint agents for School’s Programmes.

·         To explore government, and Corporates in NIGERIA for School’s Programmes.

          e.          To evaluate & analyze the local & International employment market trends & the industry requirements for Programmes review and new Programme development

§  To gather market intelligence; for evaluating, analyzing, and identifying industry requirements for employment opportunities locally & internationally

§  To share the information & feedback with Academia in regards to the changes in the current Programmes and also new Programmes to be offered

§  To analyze and report market information.

        I.            Developing and implementing strategic plan, departmental goals, daily to yearly plans, targets, budget,  & market intelligence survey

     II.            Planning of the Marketing Department

  III.            Marketing activities & Planning - Advertisement plan, billboards, design and bookings for local and International markets & Travels

  IV.            Fee structure

    V.            Planning visits for Corporate, Banks and Business Councils in coordination with Corp. Affairs Department.

  VI.            Planning visits for PR with Government organizations within Kano

VII.            Planning visits for PR with Government organizations outside Kano

VIII.            Planning visits & networking with local & international cultural clubs,  associations and schools for workshops within Kano

  IX.            Planning for Online & Social Media (budget, media buying, SEO & SMO, Designs)

    X.            Planning for West African countries to meet agents, MOE’s, SUN listing, (Ghana, Cameroon, Niger, Chad)

  XI.            Orientation of marketing team on all marketing operations including change in policy procedure

XII.            Orientation and implementation of marketing plan local and international

XIII.            Implementation of online & social media plan & chat

XIV.            Implementation of visit plan for Corporate, Banks and Business Councils in coordination with Corp. Affairs Department.

XV.            Implementation of visit plan for PR with Government organizations within and outside Kano

XVI.            Implementation of visit plan with Local International cultural clubs,  associations and schools for workshops

XVII.            Implementation of visit plan with Local cultural clubs and associations for workshops

XVIII.            Implementation of visit plan to Northern schools for workshops & campus visits

XIX.            Direct marketing, Government, Social Clubs, Embassies, etc. – intimation through letters about batch commencement and scholarship proposals/MOU’s

XX.            Admission and ERP updates

XXI.            New Intake admission audit including placement test

XXII.            Students counseling & admission management locally and internationally - call, visitor, enrollment management and coordination with other department

XXIII.            Follow-up management

XXIV.            Responding & follow up on online enquiries - Local & International

XXV.            New student follow-up till the class start

XXVI.            Admission files audit until closing of each intake.

XXVII.            Management of all marketing collateral including promotional materials

XXVIII.            Database management

XXIX.            Local and International exhibition management & coordination

XXX.            Handling preparation and dissemination of minutes of marketing meetings, analysis and compilation of departmental statistics, keeping track of budgets, expenses, media, Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Semester/Yearly reports including semester and yearly closing reports, etc.

XXXI.            Handling of calls, walk in enquires of marketing department and to accordingly coordinate.  Closely monitoring of the movement of the calls, visits or walk in enquires by keeping track by daily reporting.  Keeping track of advertisement MKT (International & Local).  Monitoring the movement of the same, keeping the file updated.  

XXXII.            Handling of dissemination of documents to outside contacts & keeping accurate records of the same.

a.       Handling daily updating of database (school, corp., gov’t & other sectors) & keeping record of the same.

XXXIII.            Updating of all files

a.       Periodic planning, closing presentations & monitoring of marketing activity calendar

XXXIV.            Review and approval of policy procedures, admission policies, fee structure (BOT approval), refund policy, MOU, scholarship policy, fee waiver, undertakings, applications, agents commission policy & etc.

XXXV.            Review of complete admission process flow and re-engineering as per intake shortcomings and update the ERP

XXXVI.            Review of achievement of activities vs. plans

XXXVII.            MOU review management

XXXVIII.            Scholarship review management

XXXIX.            Overall encouragement of department


Q: Are there any hidden charges besides the fee, which I have paid?

A: There are no hidden charges. The published fee structure includes the miscellaneous fee also that the prospective student has to pay.

Q: What happens if I need to defer or stop studying due to work or personal reasons?

A: Student can postpone for one semester in an Academic year as per the policy, postponement charges as per the published fee structure will be applicable. If a student postpones from one semester to another falling in subsequent academic year, the postponement fees and tuition fees as per the new academic year will be applicable. International student cannot postponement after commencement of the classes. In case student does not join in the upcoming semester, it will result in cancellation of admission, with no refund of fees.

Q: What happens if I fail in a semester how can I repeat the course?

A: If the student fails in semester, he will be able to repeat the course on the next availability of course along with the repeating course fee as per the published miscellaneous fee structure.

Q: Where can I get my books? Does SUN provide me with the books?

A: The books will be provided by SUN Library on return basis per semester upon the

 Commencement / orientation day of the Programme.

Q: Do you offer weekend or distance learning Programmes?

A:  At the moment SUN does not offer weekend or distance learning Programme, However, we are looking at that possibility and as soon we are ready to start, the same shall be updated on our website

Q: What is the process of transfer of credit to or from another university?

A: We will need the following documents for transfer of credit:

·         Original transcript from a recognized and accredited University.

·         Course Description

·         TOC Fees

·         Letter from the university

Q: What is the process of cancelling my admission?

A: Cancellation form has to be submitted through Student Service Department SSD or Administration Department. The student must clear all his dues before the release of any academic or non-academic document. 

Q: Is there any scholarship for continuing students?

A: Yes, SUN offers merit based scholarships for continuing students. For more details kindly contact Student Services Department.




Q:  Where can I get the information about Skyline University Nigeria SUN?   

A: SUN counselors are available from 9:00AM to 6:00PM from Monday through Friday on weekdays and from 10:00AM to 3:00PM on Saturdays. You may contact us on +234 81 81 111 113 or log on to our website  for more information.    

Q:  When was Skyline University Nigeria Established?   

A:  Skyline University Nigeria was established in the year 2018 and since then it has been striving to be one of the leading University of higher education not only in Nigeria but in Africa.  Skyline University Nigeria campus is located at No.2, Zaria Road Kano. Kano State.

Q: Is SUN approved & accredited?   

A: SUN is approved by the National Universities Commission NUC which is the governing body of all Universities across Nigeria.

Q: Does SUN offer online or distance learning Programmes?

A:  At the moment SUN does not offer online or distance learning Programme, however, we are looking at that possibilities and as soon we are ready to start, the same shall be updated on our website

Q: What are the different Programmes offered by Skyline?   

A: SUN offers Undergraduate Programmes in School of Arts, Management & Social Sciences, Science & Information Technology and School of Basic Medical Sciences. Under the School of Arts, Management and Social Sciences; Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Accounting and Finance, Economics, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, International Relation and Mass Communication. Under its School of Information Technology, it offers Bachelor of Science in Science & Information Technology – Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Computer Science & Information Systems, Geology, Microbiology, Physics with Electronics and Software Engineering. Under the School of Basic Medical Sciences, it offers Nursing Science and Physiotherapy.   

Q: How long does it take for SUN to provide a student VISA?   

A: If all the documents are complete and the fee has been deposited as per the fee structure, it normally takes a minimum of 3 to 4 weeks for the security clearance and visa processing.    

Q: What are the minimum high school requirements for admission into Undergraduate Programme at SUN?   

A: An applicant seeking admission for Undergraduate Programme is required to fulfill the following conditions:


WAEC (West African Examination Council):

A minimum of 5 Credits is required for admission to SUN and it is also compulsory for students to have credit in English and Mathematics. Candidates are required to enter and sit for a minimum of Seven (7) and a maximum of nine (9) subjects depending on their background of science, art or social science. Following courses are mandatory:

a.    English Language

b.    Mathematics

c.     At least one Nigerian Language (see footnote)

d.    At least one of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

e.     At least one of Literature-in-English, History and Geography.

f.     Agricultural Science or at least one vocational subject.

In addition to the above, every student must offer any three of the under listed subjects not already offered as core subjects:

Biology, Economics, Physics, Book-Keeping, Chemistry, Typewriting, Further Mathematics, Shorthand, Commerce, History, Geography, Literature-in-English, Agricultural Science, Woodwork, Health Science, Auto-Mechanics, Building Construction, Music, Clothing and Textiles, Art, Christian Religious Knowledge, French, Islamic Studies, Physical Education, Arabic Studies, Government, Metal Work, Applied Electricity, Electronics, Foods and Nutrition, Technical Drawing Home Management.

NECO (National Examination Council):

A minimum of 5 Credits is required for admission to SUN and it is also compulsory for students to have credit in English and Mathematics. Candidates are required to register and sit for a minimum of Seven (7) and a maximum of nine (9) subjects depending on their background of science, art or social science.

NECO Conduct the Following Examinations;

a.    Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE INTERNAL): The Examination is taken at the end of Senior Secondary School Education by those students who are enrolled into an educational system. This Examination covers 40 subjects whereby students can only sit for 8 or 9 subjects. The result for the same is also used for determining eligibility of elective offices and sometimes needed for employment application. The exams take place June/July and results published August/September.

b.    Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE EXTERNAL): NECO also conducts this examination for students who are not enrolled in the school system otherwise known as external candidates. The exam takes place during September / October period and results are published in December / January. Students who have failed in previous exams or want to upgrade their grades can also sit for this exam.

c.     NECO Internal: The SSCE internal has seventy-six subjects which are grouped into the following six categories.

1.    Compulsory Cross-Cutting Subjects

2.    Science and Mathematics

3.    Technology

4.    Humanities

5.    Business Studies and

6.    Trade/Entrepreneurship.

The minimum number of subjects a candidate can sit for is eight while the maximum is nine. All Senior Secondary schools in the Federation Present Candidates for the SSCE Internal.

d.    NECO External: Another core component of the mandate of the Council as espoused in the Enabling law is the conduct of the Senior School Certificate Examination for External Candidates.

American High School System:

The high school diploma is typically studied for over the course of four years, from Grade 9 to Grade 12. SUN will take admissions for the candidates who have scored >= 60 % in their High School Diploma.

British System:

The minimum academic requirement is credit level passes in five subjects at IGCSE, GCSE & GCE ‘O’ Level in nationally recognized examination including English Language, Mathematics and three other relevant subjects at not more than two sittings. ‘O’ level scores and their interpretations. The better a candidate grades in ‘O’ Level results the higher the marks allocations. See the interpretation below:

a.    A – 6 marks

b.    B – 4 marks

c.     C – 3 marks.

Q: What is the mode of payment for the fee?   

  1. A: The fees can be paid through Bank Transfer or Post Dated Cheque. Students who wish to pay their tuition fees in two (2) installments are required to file a request with the Admission Officer, and is subject to the approval of the Bursar. In case the request is approved the student is required to pay 50% of Fees (Miscellaneous + Tuition) either through cash or bank transfer on the date Admission confirmation date. The student needs to issue a Post Dated Cheque dated 10th December for October Batch, and 10th April for February Batch. In this case the installment fees as per the published Fees Structure will be will be waived off subject to clearing of the Post Dated Cheque (PDC). If any of the conditions mentioned in this clause is not met, the installment fees shall become applicable as per the published fees structure.

Kindly refer to General Terms and Conditions (NORMAL FEE CATEGORY FEE STRUCTURE)

Q: Will there be increase in the fees?   

A: Any increase of fee depends on the strategic plan/finance department and prior information will be communicated through official channel and on our website.      

Q: What are the requirement for Transfer of Credit to SUN?   

A: SUN accepts students who are transferring from a federal or licensed institution in Nigeria, or a foreign institution of higher learning based outside Nigeria and accredited in its home country, are eligible for transfer admission; after fulfilling the following requirement / conditions. All documents related to the transfer of credits such as the transcripts, course description, and the details of accepted transfers, are kept with the administration department for each such student. The details of transfer of credits accepted are transferred to the student’s electronic records. TOC students will not be able to receive any Fee waiver or Scholarship.

a.       Process: Fill up the Application form for Admission along with TOC application form in SUN, Submit the following TOC Admission entry requirement documents:

1.       The official transcripts

2.       Detailed syllabi (Credit Value, Level, detailed course content, learning outcomes/objective and indicative learning resources)

3.       An official letter from the previous institution

4.       All documents mentioned in the admission requirements

b.       Requirements: They must have CREDIT in English and Mathematics in WAEC/NECO as per NUC admission criteria.

1.       The course contents mentioned in the Course Description / Transcript of the previous institution should match to a minimum of 75% of the SUN Syllabus of the corresponding course thereby ensuring similarity in the course learning outcomes.

2.       The student must attend a minimum of 50% of the credit hours of their study plan at SUN.

3.       The credit hours completed must be equivalent or higher to the corresponding courses offered at SUN

4.       The students must have passed the course with a minimum of ‘C’ grade or equivalent

5.       Maximum credits awarded for transfer admission will be limited to specified courses at SUN. In case credits earned at the original institution are less than those at SUN, the lower credits will be awarded as transfer

6.       Once TOC is granted and the Graduation plan is signed by the student, the student cannot challenge the TOC decision during the progression of course

7.       A student is placed in the Senior Level status only after completing all the balance courses till the junior level

8.       Incase student changes the major area of study the student will have to re-apply for TOC

9.       Students of SUN may be permitted to pursue courses outside only in extreme circumstances with prior approval from Registrar and VC.

10.    Prohibit accepting credit twice for substantially the same course taken at two different institutions

11.    The grades of transferred courses will not be included while calculating the student’s Grade Point Average (GPA)

12.    The processing fees of TOC is non-refundable and is charged (as per applicable fee structure)

13.    Transfer admission students will not be included in the toppers list

14.    Once the TOC is granted, it will be informed to student along with the graduation plan for review & consent with signature

15.    Once a student will change his/her emphasis, process will be treated as new, thus, additional fee will be applicable as per published fees structure

16.    Once a student has joined SUN and wish to enroll external course/s, these courses should be approved by Registration Department before starting the course.

17.    This TOC process once approved is applicable only for the mentioned intake.

18.    TOC will not be granted to provisionally enrolled student for the courses which are in offer in the 1st semester

19.    TOC students understand that even if they are left with less number of courses at any level, they cannot be granted courses from next level unless and until they have successfully completed level which they are in, as per SUN policy.

Q: How long it take for SUN to inform the student about the transfer of credit of courses?   

A: The transfer of credit process takes 2-3 working days once the below mentioned documents are completed and application is completed:

-The official transcripts -Detailed syllabi (Credit Value, Level, detailed course content, learning outcomes/objective and indicative learning resources) -An official letter from the previous institution -All documents mentioned in the admission requirements (High School certificates/Bachelor Degree) –Processing fee of N26,875-  inclusive VAT (non-refundable and is charged as per application fee structure).    

Q:  What is the minimum GPA required for a transfer student to be considered eligible for admission in SUN?   

A: The students seeking admission in Undergraduate Programme of SUN must have passed the courses in his graduation Programme or higher national diploma with a minimum of ‘C’ grade or equivalent above GPA 2.5 as per NUC guidelines. The Programme which the student is studying prior to seeking a transfer must be recognized by the National Universities Commission/Ministry of Education in their respective country to be eligible for transfer.

Q: The degree offered by the Skyline University Nigeria is acceptable for transfer of credits to other local universities within Nigeria?   

A: Yes, the degree is acceptable for transfer of credits to universities within Nigeria and internationally.    

Q:  When a student paid initial fees and got admission in SUN but cannot join due to unseen reasons will the fees be refunded?   

A:  In case the student cancels his admission before commencement of the classes, Admission fee is non-refundable / non-transferable, however First Installment Fee will be refunded. No refund is applicable after the commencement of the Programme even if the student has not attended the class or is yet to submit English Placement exam or result is still awaited.

Q: Can I transfer from School of Arts, Management & Social Sciences to School of Science and Information Technology?   

A: Yes, transfer can be done before and after the batch commencement as per the policy, cancellation process to be applied and respective school fee will be applicable along with the admission requirements.    

Q: What are the different Intake into degree Programmes?   

A: SUN has two (2) intakes in a year i.e. Spring & Fall. (March &November)  

Q: What are the batch timings of lectures?   

A: Students lectures are from Monday through Friday and between 9:20AM to 4:00PM. 

Q: Does SUN offer scholarships for students?   

A: SUN offers Academic and sports based scholarship to deserving local & international students. SUN associates with various government and private institutions for allocation of scholarship fund to encourage and support students academically.       


Q: Does SUN offer any preparatory courses for students who don't fulfill the required criteria for admission?   

A: Yes SUN offers JAMB preparatory classes to prospective students to enable them meet the criteria for admission however; is subject to candidate passing the JAMB exams with the minimum required scores. Minimum JAMB scores for SUN admission is 150.

Q: Can I postpone my admission?   

A: Yes, student can postpone for one semester in an Academic year as per the policy, postponement charges as per the published fee structure will be applicable. If a student postpones from one semester to another falling in subsequent academic year, the postponement fees and tuition fees as per the new academic year will be applicable. International student cannot postponement after commencement of the classes.

Q: Does the SUN have Hostel accommodation?   

A: Yes, SUN has fully furnished accommodation with security provided to our students. The student provided accommodation is segregated between Males and Females. This is subject to additional fees for the accommodation facilities.

Q: How far is the student hostel from University?   

A: The students’ hostels are approximately 20 minutes’ drive from the University Campus and transportation is provided at an additional cost.

Q: Can my friends visit me in the Hostel?   

A: Yes, friends can visit during day and subject to application by the student to the management and approved. Timings are from 10AM to 6PM

Q: Does the Hostel have a Warden?   

A: SUN has a hostel in-charge and an additional SUN employee stays in the hostel to take care of the hostel students. Round the clock security is maintained.

Q: Does University provide any bus facility to downtown for groceries and shopping on weekly basis?   

A: Yes, the University provides bus facility for shopping to city, mosque and church.

 Q: Is the Hostel Fees charged on monthly/Quarterly/Half yearly/ Yearly basis?   

A: The hostel fee is charged on a yearly basis, subject to minimum of one academic year.

Q: Does the Hostel have indoor sports facility?  

A: Yes, hostel has indoor and outdoor sports facility like basketball court, table tennis and Snooker Table. In the near future additional facilities will be provided.

Q: What is the minimum attendance to be maintained?

   A: Minimum of 75% attendance per course has to be maintained to be eligible to sit in the final exams.

Q: What are the requirement for the School of Basic Medical Science?

A:   i. you will need to have five (5) credit in WAEC/NECO including Mathematics & English Language.

      ii. With a Jamb cut-off mark of 180* (To be finalized by Jamb) iii.

      iii. For IJMB, you will have to provide a grade point of 12* above in total calculation of the Four courses offer.

iv. For those applying through Direct Entry (D.E), Upper Credit is accepted in all science base courses for those with Diploma in Nursing Science, Laboratory Science, and Public Health etc.


Q: What are the courses you have under the School of Basic Medical Study?

     A: The course are Nursing & Physiotherapy.

Q: How many years do I need to study to become a graduate of School of Basic Medical Study?

     A: The course duration for both Nursing and Physiotherapy is Four (4).

Q: Can I applying as a D.E or IJMB student this AY 2021/2022?

     A: All students must apply as a fresh student in this AY2021/2021.

Q: What degree will I graduate with as a student of School of Basic Medical Science?

     A: you will graduate as a;

i.                     Bachelor of Science in Nursing Programme.

ii.                   Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy Programme.

Q: What are the Jamb combination for accepting student into School of Basic Medical Science?

      A: The subject combinations are;

i.                     Physics

ii.                   Biology

iii.                 Chemistry

iv.                 English language ( Compulsory )