Skyline University Nigeria

Media & Communication

Media and Communication Department (MCD) at Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) handles online and offline media related activities and transmits constant communication to relevant audiences. The department is under the Head of Marketing and is committed to strengthening the university’s image and increasing brand awareness nationally, regionally and internationally. It primarily plays a key role in disseminating and communicating the university’s message to both internal and external audience. The department’s activities are divided into: Content, Design, Website, Social Media Optimization (SMO), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Videos, offline and Online Campaign Management.


This ensures the provision of necessary contents to concerned departments. Contents created, edited and conceptualized by the department are press releases, social media posts, website contents, and marketing material contents. The department circulates these contents to a targeted platform—online media and offline media, university website and social media channels.


Responsible for providing artwork and design collaterals to all departments and international offices that need assistance internally and externally. The department conceptualizes ad materials for both online and offline media, executes website design development, and creates structure and design of the university publications and e-newsletters. It also handles design-related duties of various university activities and events such as banners, invitations and posters.


Ensures that the university’s online presence is strong in various social media channels through Social Media Optimization (SMO) and maintaining an increased number of website traffic by means of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is responsible for listing the website in different sites and improving the website ranking in several search engines.


MCD is also responsible for creating videos and HTML online campaigns for marketing purposes. Videos are created as per request of various departments related to SUN and its activities throughout the academic year.

The department is also responsible for updating SUN Mobile Application, to ensure that it is user-friendly, and all sections are working properly.

In summary, the department is responsible for creating a positive image and good representation of SUN in various offline and online channels. MCD provides information and news about the university’s activities, events and achievements; coordinates the public and media relations efforts; develops the university’s main webpages; and ensures the proper usage of the university’s brand in online and offline campaigns, and in all social media channels

A.     To represent Skyline University Nigeria with a positive image in all channels locally and internationally

B.      To create contents as required by the concerned departments and circulating these contents internally and externally

C.      To create a positive branding image both offline and online

D.     To plan and manage Digital and Online Marketing for SUN

E.      To monitor and report articles posted on the Knowledge Updates section

F.      Maintain media relation with print and online.

The MCD supports all departments in all university events and activities in terms of artwork designs, contents, social media updates, video creations and press coordination. An MCD Requisition Form is disseminated to all departments to be filled-up for all requests and submitted 6 weeks prior to the event or activity. The MCD works in priority basis and as per the calendar and timely requests from the requesting departments.


     i.          Press Release planning & budgeting

    ii.         Content planning, creation and management

     iii.        Content management calendar for academic and non-academic

   iv.         Media internal & external Communications

   v.         Website content for news and events

    vi.         Website page content review

   vii.        University publication review and edit

    viii.       Organizational policy review and development

    ix.         University copyright review and development

    x.         University E-newsletter contents

    xi.         Press release contents of important events and activities of the university for local and international audience

   xii.        Ad content for newspaper, magazine, e-mailer and newsletter

    xiii.       Tracking changing trends

    xiv.       Creating contents for:

                  i. Virtual tours

                 ii. Hold messages

                 iii. Corporate videos.


      i.          Artworks for local and international SUN events and activities

       ii.         Design collaterals for internal and external News line, Flyers, Brochures, Banners, posters, stands and advertisements for international and local audience

      iii.        Develop E-newsletters

                    i.  Monthly knowledge updates

                   ii.   Weekly industry updates

       iv.         Website design, structure and updates

        v.         University portal design and updates

        vi.         University FAQs design and updates

       vii.        University publication design and structure

        viii.       Mobile app structure, design (User Interface) and updates.


         i.          Video creation for all requesting departments and international offices

          ii.         Video creation for all online paid and organic posts

          iii.        Animation video creation to increase branding and generate leads

           iv.         Online designs for online campaigns

           v.         Videos for events organized by SUN.


          i.          University content posting on various social media platforms

         ii.         University website high visibility on the internet through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

          iii.        University website strong online presence on social media through Social Media Optimization

          iv.         Knowledge Update fortnightly and monthly updates

          v.         Database of website listings and website ranking improvement

          vi.         Chat (Live Admin)

          vii.        Quantum Agency for all digital and online support to increase SUN visibility

          viii.       Online Planning

                         i.   Paid Campaigns

                         ii.  Organic Campaigns

                         ii.  Review and update of Budget.


Content development means to prepare write-ups of any event happening inside or outside Skyline University Nigeria premises, which is associated with SUN. The content will be collected from various sources like the various committees for PRs, faculty members and departmental heads. Special articles are to be collected from the faculty members or outside experts.


The MCD is responsible for all media-related activities from drafting and publication of press releases to offline and online media agencies to coordinating and planning of press meetings.        

  i. Press Release

Press releases are write-ups of events and major activities of the university that are subject for approval of the concerned department prior to the circulation in newspapers, magazine, and PR sites. Press releases are produced on a fortnightly basis as per the content management calendar or as required immediately by the requesting department. Press releases maintain a certain number of words to avoid text heaviness or lack of substance. All press releases must be substantial and must reflect the mission and vision of the university.

  ii. Press Meeting and Media Contacts Database

Press meetings are planned to strengthen media relations in the local and international scene. Meetings are conducted twice in a month to discuss SUN’s involvement and presence in the media through article contributions of faculty members on specific topics.


Social media contents are write-ups intended specifically for social media that are produced and posted on a daily basis. Contents should be created with the right language and information and must reach the right people.  Social Media Content must be engaging, relatable and relevant. 


Website contents created by MCD go under the News and Events section of the university website. Contents include major activities and events of the university done on a weekly basis. MCD is also responsible to review content of the website and ensure that keywords are incorporated properly.


MCD should monitor the number of hits/likes, most read contents of the website, pages visited, type of enquiries coming, demographics etc. Based on this information, the content development should be done.

i. Design

MCD is responsible for designing all marketing collaterals, individual department requirements, flyers, pamphlets, programme brochures, institutional catalog, events and promotional materials, greetings, event invitations, social media campaigns, billboards, newspaper advertisements and E-mailers. The department designs these materials in coordination with respective departments. The promotional material is initially reviewed by the Head of Marketing and then sent to the Director of Marketing and VC for final review before publishing.

ii. Website

Website management is the maintenance and updating of the contents of the website (as technical structure is outsourced). MCD coordinates with various departments for collection of content required for the website thereby supporting the development process. The department provides inputs on the design of various sections of the website. The department reviews the website design and provides necessary action to improve the user friendliness as well as the look and feel of the website. The department also ensures that the design and structure of the website is in line with market requirements. The department also provides the necessary inputs for the website content finalization in order to facilitate the SEO by incorporating keywords to all contents.

iii. Portal

MCD coordinates with various departments for collection of content required for the portal. The contents uploaded on the portal include institutional calendars, online forms and policies which are accessible only to university students, faculty and staff members through an authenticated login ID and password.

The department also coordinates with various departments for any updates required in the information uploaded on the portal before the start of every semester.

Q: Is there a platform for student’s blog? How can students contribute to the platform?

A: There is a platform for student’s blog. Kindly visit the Media and Communications Department of the University for Details.

Q: What are the social media platforms available at SUN?

A: The social media platforms available at SUN are: @skylineuniversityng for Facebook and Instagram; twitter@skylineunigeria for twitter; and for LinkedIn.

Q: Can I create a logo for a student’s cub/department?

A: Secondary logos are not permitted. The brand identity and strength lie in the Skyline University Nigeria. For assistance on your graphics design needs, request a meeting with the university Graphics designer 

Q: I need photos of the campus for a project for my department. Where can I access campus photos?

A: Approach the MCD to request such photos

Q: A Member of the MCD has contacted me for the first time on video interview. How should I respond?

A: If you received a call or request from a member of the MCD, you could refer such interview to your student's service adviser before setting up any of such interviews.

Q: What action is required to get my story on the blog?

A: We will ensure your stories reach appropriate media outlets. The first essential step is contacting the MCD.

Q: How will I know if my story was published by the MCD?

A: It will be published on the SUN website and shared on all social media platform.