Skyline University Nigeria

Sports Department

The primary purpose of the Sports Department of Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) is to direct each student‐athlete towards earning a meaningful degree, developing to their potential as an athlete, and becoming a successful and well‐rounded adult that will impact positive influence on the community. The Sports Department of SUN also strives to promote the social, mental and physical development of each staff & student. Sports is an integral part of SUN’s total educational process aimed at developing the overall personality of individuals for healthy minds and bodies.

The department plans, organizes and conducts intramural, inter–secondary schools, clubs and inter-universities sports activities on an annual basis to develop the spirit of competition, coordination and cooperation among the youth. The department along with the clinic has the responsibility of guaranteeing the health and safety of SUN community, manage students’ hostels and engage students in community service activities.

The goals of the Sports Department of SUN are to:

  1. Organize and conduct year-round sports activities in order to develop sportsmanship, team spirit, leadership qualities as well as to provide scholarship support to the students
  2. Challenge students through innovative academic, cultural, athletic and spiritual programmes.
  3. Recruit and retain excellent sports students, faculty and staff
  4. Empower students, faculty and staff to reach their full potential
  5. Significantly increase the financial resources and facilities to support the growth and development of sports in SUN
  6. Bring awareness about quality of life in terms of health and safety of SUN & our local community
  7. Procure, maintain and manage SUN’s sports facilities
  8. Maintain and manage the boys and girls hostel facilities of SUN.

          i.          Provides coaching to students in various games such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, table tennis and badminton

         ii.         Organizes various inter-university sports events

        iii.        Selects and trains teams to participate in various inter-university and intramural events

        iv.         Provides exposure to students in Community Service activities

        v.         Provides health services in collaboration with SUN clinic in the form of first aid and medicines for minor illnesses.

1-      Does the Sports Department conduct activities for students?

Yes. We have and organize Sports Festivals and other weekly activities for students.


2-      Does the Sports Department of SUN participate in inter-university events?

Yes. We regularly participate in various inter-university events in Nigeria.


3-      Are there regular coaching sessions in various games?

Yes. There are regular coaching sessions under expert coaches. You need to check the Sports notice board or SUN website to get the coaching schedules.


4-      Can I be a part of SUN teams?                                                                      

You have to register for B.Sc. or any course(s) not less than one year to be a part.


5-      Do you have indoor and outdoor Sports Facilities?

Yes. We have indoor and outdoor sports facilities.


6-      Can I make use of your facilities?

You have to be a registered SUN student to make use of the sports facilities.


7-      Do you provide uniforms?

Yes. We provide two sets of uniforms/jerseys to all the team members in an academic year.


8-      Do you give Sports Scholarships?

Yes. We give Sports Scholarships to outstanding sports persons who are good in academics.


9-      Is there a separate timing for girls and boys in using the Gym facilities?

No. Please check the Sports Notice board for the timing.


10-     Who do I contact in the Sports Department?     

The Head–Sports Department, Sports Instructor or Coaches.