Skyline University Nigeria


Changing Gear: Skyline University Nigeria receives Students from Rumfa College for Career Seminar

Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) received final-year students of Rumfa College on its changing gear program yesterday, 12th February, 2024. The program was to support the students with the right information and knowledge needed for choosing the best-fit careers.

Delivering his lecture to the students, Dr. Shanmugam Sundararajan, an Associate Professor in the Department of Business Management at SUN, said that there are many job opportunities available for people who choose careers in business and entrepreneurship.

The lecture titled ‘Career Paths in Business and Entrepreneurship’ delved into the promising prospects of entrepreneurship: small, medium and large-scale businesses will boom alongside technology and innovation.

Dr. Sundararajan admitted that economies around the world are largely driven by youth participation in entrepreneurship activities. Presently, “it has been difficult for governments to find sustainable job options for graduates and this is why we encourage you to find passion in entrepreneurship,” he added.

In her closing remarks, Ms. Sarada Maganti, the Director Academic Services (DASS), acknowledged the giant efforts that were recorded in the country by the alumni of Rumfa College in all their ramifications. She encouraged the students to be open to new knowledge and networking at all times.