Skyline University Nigeria

Expert Called for the Implementation of Drugs and Digital Menace Counselling Unit Amongst Higher Institutions

An expert and founder of the RAVE Et AL Limited, Ms. Charity Babatunde has called for the implementation of Drugs and Digital Menace counseling unit amongst higher institutions in mitigating the digital and drug menace. According to her, this will help foster meaningful connection and mined the gap in the fight against drugs and digital abuse, which in turn, would help to create a sustainable drug and digital menace-free life amongst growing youths. She said this much on 27th June 2022 at the recently held seminar of Skyline University Nigeria.

The seminar which was organized in commemoration of the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking is part of the goal of the University to provide a platform, set aside to inspire the students of the University with the right knowledge, skills, and values as well as expose them to the activities that can enhance brilliant personal and career growth.

While delivering a virtual lecture titled “Drugs and Digital Menace” with the theme, ‘The more you take the more you live’ in the Department of Biochemistry and Geology, Skyline University Nigeria, Ms. Charity stated that it was important for the youths to recognize that it was possible to live a drug and digital menace-free life, despite high peer pressure. According to her, “you must develop coping skills, watch the comments you post on social media, and feed yourself with information about drug and digital menace, and finally have the assertiveness to reject the invitation to participate”.

Amongst other things, she stated that guardianship, parent figures, adulthood, and meaningful connection are part of tips for mitigating the digital and drug menace. She advised against visiting places where drugs were used (online and on sight), but to engage in a healthy lifestyle that helped in the building of capacities and self-esteem, and finally to stay committed to academic pursuit.

The Vice-Chancellor of Skyline University Nigeria, Dr. Ajith Kumar V.V appreciated the speaker for giving her valuable time for addressing the students and staff at the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. He added that It’s an initiative that can give back to the community.