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How to Enjoy a Long Semester Vacation without Getting into a Slump

Long vacations in every higher institution of learning fall towards the end of the second semester (spring). During the holidays, the slum hits, summer boredom takes over and many students find themselves in a rut, not knowing what to do. It feels like you have way too much time on your hands but you’re not doing much with it? Here’s how you can get yourself out of that slump.

Be thankful

We understand that you might have had some killer moments when you wish you were in school, taking the long hours, but be thankful you don’t have to return to the university this weekend. There aren’t too many times in life where people get a one-two month holiday from work and you may never get it back after your graduation. At the university you’ll get at least three – so, make the most of it.

Take some time out to learn something new

You should try to strike a balance and take time out to learn something that you have always wanted to. It can be linked to your curriculum or it can be something like playing the guitar or learning a new career skill. If you want to enhance your skill, then you should take up a course in that line. There are plenty of tutorials available that can get you started. A break of 2 – 3 months will be sufficient to learn confidently. Start small with basic Programmes?

Avoid getting hit by holiday boredom

If you are already feeling the semester break boredom, chances are, you haven’t been making the most of your break as mentioned above. You may decide to go see a movie, but if you’re stuck in a watching cycle of one show after the other, that’s one way to get yourself into a rut. After a long academic year, you’re very much entitled to a couple of days where you don’t leave your house but don’t let that be your entire holiday break.

Find the cause of your rut/slump

Address the problem head-on. If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, it might be time to change your everyday habits. Change up your routine and try fitting in something you love every day. If you’re feeling a bit lost without the structure of university life, add some organization and activities to your days off. Don’t let summer boredom take over – make the most of your break now before you’re back into the full swing of campus activities.

Enjoy your holidays!