Skyline University Nigeria

Staff & Students of Biochemistry and Geology Departments Led CSR Initiative to Combat Malaria Parasites

Staff and students of the Biochemistry and Geology Departments of Skyline University Nigeria have led initiative to join in the fight to combat the spread of malaria amongst women and children living in moderate to high malaria transmission areas in Kano. The theme of the initiative, ‘Health & Hygiene – Loved by Skyline’, is a recent addition to the University’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for the community.

The team visited two primary health care centers, Panshekara and Sheka primary health care centers, in the Kano metropolis. In the provision of malaria prevention, a malaria kit consisting of mosquito nets, bathroom slippers, and baby milk powder was handed over to the mothers who recently gave birth in both primary health care centers. The kit also contained malaria fact sheet to spread awareness of malaria in the community.

Speaking during the visit, the Head of the Biochemistry Department, Dr. Susanta Pahari, who oversaw the initiative, emphasized that “prevention is better than cure” to keep malaria infection away from the community. Dr. Pahari informed the benefactors that during his 4-year stay in Kano, he has not been infected, indicating that integration of proper steps of prevention into one’s everyday life will help reduce the burden of malaria infection drastically. He expressed his belief that this small amount of assistance will make a difference in the lives of the beneficiaries. The initiative reached about 100 people.

Other members of the Faculty present include Mr. Miracle Uwa Livinus (Biochemistry), Mr. Abdurrazak Muhammad (Biochemistry), Mr. Aliyu Mohammed Lawan (Geology), and Mr. Ismail Rabiu (Microbiology).