Skyline University Nigeria

Pre-varsity Students Tasked on the Importance of Social Media, Social Change & Teen Safety

A facilitator, Dr. Olumide Abraham Ajayi, a Senior Lecturer of Sociology at the recently held ‘Changing Gear’ event of Skyline University Nigeria (SUN), with the theme “Social Media, Social Change & Teen Safety”, has tasked students of Yandutse College, Kano of the potentials waiting to be tapped on social media, most especially in terms of education, entrepreneurial development and technological advancement.

Speaking on the benefits and risk of teens in social media, he posited that while social skills, new cultural and societal ideas, friends bonding etc., on social media, is very important for the psychological development of the teen, helping teenager to develop positive habits like taking regular breaks from social media, making sure their mobile device isn’t distracting, can help reduce the compulsion to check in with social media so often.

The Head Librarian of the University, Mr. Kabiru Danladi Garba, also acting Registrar, while welcoming the Students and Staff of Yandutse College, stated that the best students for the future would be those who could successfully take advantage of the social media platform as the perfect tool for channeling creativity and personal expression. “Teenagers who enjoy fashion, market trends, or craft projects can find useful information online, an opportunity that will ultimately help them in the years to come”. He added.

The event was organized by the Marketing Department of the university, under the supervision of the university’s Director of Academic Support Service, Ms. Sarada Maganti. It was indeed a thoughtful and collaborative effort between the university and Yandutse College to help the visiting students to understand the changes in social media and teen safety.

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