Skyline University Nigeria

Skills Students can Learn during the Election Break

The general election is forthcoming and similar to previous elections, it may slightly disrupt a lot of activities within Nigeria. Day-to-day activities such as schooling, markets, travel, and other daily engagements may be halted temporarily. This is to enable individuals to smoothly exercise their fundamental given rights to participate adequately in the process.

Among all other activities being interrupted, schooling is paramount.  This is why students are advised to judiciously spend their break wisely, by engaging in upscaling activities. Earning online certificates in skill development will support their careers and drive their passion to stay competitive and relevant as the world transforms rapidly.

Some of the high-in-demand skills that students can learn include problem-solving, personal development, public speaking, networking, and effective communication. Learning these important skills will not only place students above their equals but, open the doors of massive opportunities for them. It is also through the process of skill development that students can be able to assess their competencies, unravel their weaknesses and discover new paths to success.

Other soft skills that students can explore during the election break include arts and design, graphic design, fashion design, and digital marketing among thousands of skills. The overall goal of engaging in these activities is to acquire more abilities that can be useful in today’s diverse world. The more proficient a student is, the more opportunities he or she is going to get.