Skyline University Nigeria

What is the Students Organization on Your University’s Campus?

The first year on campus for any undergraduate presents lots of new experiences: living off from home, meeting new people, and managing your own time. Moreso, there is the decision of what to bring to school, how to handle challenging circumstances that the University presents, and what you’ll be able to do to manage your academic workload. While these experiences may differ based on individual students, let us look at how the students’ organization can make a difference.

There is a students organization on most university campuses. Although traditionally divided into clubs and students’ Programmemes, some students’ organizations are co-ed. In other words, they are an organization of intellectuals with supported common goals or interests. The students’ organization is therefore a way of belonging and a built-in social network of people who are members with common academic/career goals.

A lot of university students take a component from not only the students’ organization but the clubs as well as the campus life to make a difference in their University, especially in terms of networking, building friendships, as well as team-building, and leadership skills. Apart from this, there is the place of building soft skills. But, there are countless undergraduate who also chooses to not join any students organizations or clubs, widely because of a matter of non-public preference.

For students who have an interest in students organizations, it’s important to determine what percentage of students participate at your university, and research the organizations’ availability, functions, importance, and benefits to its members. Then, consider some things about yourself, like whether you consider yourself a social person, and if you’ll be able to handle the time commitment.

At Skyline University Nigeria, the students’ organization is a student-based intellectual and career-enhancing activity that allowed students to be trained in various activities. The organization is managed by the Students service department (SSD) and houses many students clubs such as the Toastmaster, Music & Theatre as well as Arts & Photography, IT Hub, Media & Communication, etc.

Let us hear from you, what is the students’ organization on your University’s Campus?