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Why you should join your University’s Volunteering Service

For this category, volunteering services only seemed like something nice to do for the community. While these group may consider university volunteering service an informal experience, others have come to be familiar with the idea of volunteering as formal employment and have built this into the closing section of their CV.

Volunteering is generally considered a selfless activity where an individual or group provides a non-financial service, to benefit another person, group or organization. Getting involved with volunteering services is a great way to get the best out of your university experience and is also renowned for skill acquisition/development. If you are yet to decide whether to volunteer at your university, here is why you should.

Volunteering experiences can be bound to a paid experience in order to create a strategic category on a CV. For example, a Volunteer Research Assistant can combine his/her research experience to a paid research position. The experience deepens, the skills are reiterated and reinforced, and the student’s character becomes authentically highlighted.

It also helps to improve a student’s experience in various fields, as employers are not willing to employ graduates without working experiences. Perhaps you want to learn something new, gain certification, credentials and building skill, becoming a team player etc. It’s best, therefore, to choose a volunteering opportunity, based on skills, and future career goals as highlighted in the example above.

Finally, using this blog as a jump-off point, to finding volunteer opportunity at any educational level. You can utilize the resources at your institution to get in contact with organizations that provide volunteering opportunities. These resources vary from academic counsellors, student service departments, libraries, university career centres, and the institution’s website. In addition, institutions usually have Programmemes with volunteering opportunities, such as social clubs, etc.