Skyline University Nigeria

Intercontinental Changing Gear Workshop

Changing Gear: Skyline University Nigeria receives students from Intercontinental College

The management of Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) has received final-year students from Intercontinental College for its changing gear workshop. The workshop is aimed at informing the students on career updates and how to assess their strengths when selecting their future careers.

Dr. Isah Usman Lawal, the dean of the School of Basic Medical Sciences (SBMS), who was the first speaker, gave a lecture titled ‘Why study medical sciences?’ He explained that changing food habits and economies have increased the demand for medical professionals. He narrated that illnesses can only be combated through research and innovation and youths are quite privileged to have access to a multitude of information and data. He admitted that youth are in a better position to contribute to global development today.

On his part, Mr. Trimisiyyu Omotayo Lawal, a lecturer in the department of economics at SUN, gave a lecture titled ‘Developing a positive mindset in a negative environment’. He said youth must be resilient to the ideas of negativity. Mistakes, disagreements, divergent opinions and many other things would happen at work and study places, so you must build your capacity to stay relevant, he added.

In her remarks, the Director of Academic Support Services, Ms. Sarada Maganti, said the combination of the two lectures was deliberate to expose the students to what is obtained in the real world. She encouraged them to be emotionally intelligent so that they could become successful in their careers.