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Expert Gives Health Tips for Successful Stress Management at SUN Online Sports Seminar

A healthy amount of manageable stress can lead to increased brain functioning, a boosted immune system and better preparation for life in post-COVID 19 pandemic. This was the submission of Ms. Stella C. Ekawu, the sports instructor of Skyline University Nigeria and speaker at the online Sports Seminar, held on Wednesday, May 2020.

In her presentation at the online seminar with the theme, ‘Managing Stress’ Mrs. Stella said that the world is in the age of inactivity and individuals could no longer pride themselves in their everyday physical and health activities in fitness centres and other sports locations as a result of the lockdown. Hence, individuals must initiate a stay at home solutions to the myriad of problems caused by the lack of exercise, one of which is stress.

According to her, unmanaged stress and brooding over stress, dis-balances our physical and emotional life and we end up in traumatic situations. She said findings have shown that all stress is not bad – some stress is essential for our progress. “This is true”, she noted. “Feelings of stress are normally triggered by things happening in our lives which involve being under lots of pressure or facing big changes”.

While highlighting the importance of physical activities, Ms. Stella asserted that the coronavirus pandemic has turned the world’s attention to everyone’s immune system. Building our immunity levels becomes a good way to fight the pandemic. She highlighted some method of preventing stress that is translated to having an organized schedule, knowing one’s limit, practicing healthy eating habits, seeing a therapist when you can no longer handle the stress level and participating in regular physical exercise to build immunity to cope with stress-related problems.

Ms. Stella, who acknowledged Skyline University Nigeria’s prowess in the area of building a healthy body and healthy mind of students through regular participation in sports activities in the university, said that most of all the training received in sports might end up on the shelf unless students take steps to motivate themselves to participate in these health tips.

Earlier, while giving the opening remark at the online seminar, the SUN Director of Academic Support Service, Ms. Sarada Maganti, who welcomed the guests, stated that stress management can make people happier, healthy and more productive.

Also at the seminar were the Vice-Chancellor of SUN, Professor Kota; The Registrar, Mr. Firoj Rauta; The Director of Operations, Mr. Abubakar Sadeeq; parents/guidance of students; members of the National Association of Proprietors of Private Secondary Schools (NAPPS) and other members of faculty and staff.