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Self-Awareness and Choice; Important Skillset to your Career Progression

The world is moving so fast that it becomes mathematically impossible to know what skill set to acquire along with one’s career progression. So, even the smartest of students won’t have all the right answers yet. While a skillset is defined as a combination of abilities, qualities and experiences to be applied to perform tasks well, spending time on improving the right skills can help you achieve personal career goals and become an expert in certain areas.

For undergraduate student, there are a number of skills to acquire along chosen disciplines. These can include soft skills such as interpersonal skills, communication, analytical, adaptability, problem-solving, planning, organizing and leadership as well as technical skills such as research, computer Programmeming, accounting, creative writing and more. So, it’s not about developing these skillsets randomly but making the right CHOICE as related to one’s specific disciplines and having SELF-AWARENESS, which will help students to adjust to this changing world.

If there is one skill set that people can develop, is really in the ability to understand themselves. Giving all the change in the world, the advancement of technology, the change in the market place etc. Students need to be able to understand this change then understand who they are in this world that is changing so fast.

Two points to consider here, which is Self-Awareness and Choice. Self-awareness will help the student to be better understand themselves, diagnosed problems, and therefore correct weaknesses. Choice, on the other hand, brings with it the need to lead your self-aware life, which so many people don’t know how to do. They don’t know how to see change and adapt to it. They don’t know what skillset fits their passion, they don’t know how to change the path they are on to now point at the change in front of them and make a lasting impression.

10 years ago, Ariel photography was possible with the help of a pilot and a helicopter. Today, both pilot and cameraman have lost their jobs due to the change in the world, and their job had been replaced by drones. It is important therefore to note that given the speed at which the world is moving, knowing what skill set to acquire along with one’s career progression will require the skill of Self-Awareness and Choice.